Wednesday, September 15, 2021

September 15 - For U.K. and Japanese Collectors

The first print of 'The Elvis Collector/UK Film Memorabilia 1956-1977' book by Harry Carrigan sold out quickly. A small second print will be available later this month. 

Elvis In Japan (eBook)

David Ward published his eBook 'Elvis In Japan LPs 1956 - 2018' covering over 400 Japanese Elvis Presley albums released between 1956 and 2018 in word and images.

Publicity stated: "The complete guide to Elvis Presley's vinyl LP releases in Japan. In this book, you will find information on every pressing of every album known to the author (over 400 albums), including hundreds of photographs of covers (front and back), labels, obis and other items related to Elvis’ Japanese LP releases, from the very first 10” record released in 1956 to the latest vinyl release, a remastered version of his debut LP issued in 2018.

The book also includes details of obis, inserts and bonus photos and points out differences in cover designs, track listings and running orders compared to the US versions. There have been over two dozen Japan-only releases over the years, and these are all detailed too. The notes for many of the albums include information on the liner notes and obi text and I also include chart statistics when applicable.

After listing each album, I have included photos of several obis from the late 1950s onwards and I have gone into greater detail about some of the series of albums released in Japan over the years. Finally, there is a section on some of the many unfortunate – but often humorous – errors found in the ubiquitous English lyrics, an essential part of Japanese releases. I have also noted the rarest pressing of each album."

(Source: The Elvis Shop London / Elvis Club Berlin)