September 18 - Kansas City ’74 Revisited, Again (Review)

The Millbranch Music import label re-issued their double CD / DVD ‘Kansas City ’74 Revisited’ just one month after the initial release of this set. The - until recently - previously unreleased June 29, 1974 Afternoon show was reviewed for the first of this set, so for now, just a short comparison of the looks and the sound. 


The Millbranch label created a variation of the design for this second release of the Kansas City show. Keeping the typography, the new shot of Elvis shaking hands with fans is an original choice. Inside the collages behind the discs are replaced with just one image of our man, a better choice in my opinion. As both discs hold the same concert, one track-listing on the back would have been sufficient. 


This was a release “by popular demand” as not everybody was able to get their hands on the first edition and because part of the fanbase appreciates to listen to Elvis as it was recorded. So no newly created / artificial stereo. This double CD set contains the original raw mix and the newly created stereo version. 

Listening to both versions you really hear the difference. The raw tape sounds more heavy as the music is one “block” with Duke’s and J.D.’s bass becoming one. The stereo-mix sounds lighter and more spatial due to the separation of the instruments and vocals. 

Perhaps part of the sound(spectrum) may get lost isolating the various tracks from needed to create a stereo mix from just one mono source, but that’s not a problem as the mix offers a better listening experience to these ears. 

Listening to this raw tape I get even more appreciation for the work done to create this new stereo mix. It seems that we reached the point where technique and a good audio-engineer, who knows what he’s doing, can create “magic”.


This release is either good service or smart marketing by the Millbranch label, but at least they offer fans a choice. The complete June 29, 1974 Afternoon and Evening Shows in stereo and on DVD or the concerts or the previously unreleased Afternoon show in both glorious mono and stereo. For me the stereo mix sounds better. Take your pick.

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