Wednesday, September 15, 2021

September 15 - Elvis (Back) In Nashville

Elvis Presley recorded some of his best work in Nashville. In January we got the 'His Hand In Mine' sessions from FTD and the album was re-issued again on vinyl just last month. With the re-issue of 'Elvis Is Back' coming up in two weeks and the 'Back In Nashville' set in two months we have a good reason to dive a bit deeper into Elvis' Nashville recordings. 

Elvis In Nashville: The Early Sixties

Robert Gilbert, a lifelong listener and appreciator of Elvis’ music, wrote an in-depth article titled 'An Elvis For Everyone' on the records Presley made in Nashville from March 20, 1960 to January 12, 1964. 

The recordings he made in the early 1960s, particularly the ones made for non-movie albums and singles, represent one of his most significant and important bodies of work, including 'Elvis is Back!', 'Something for Everybody', 'His Hand in Mine' and 'Pot Luck with Elvis'. As a whole, they document Elvis’ desire to be a consummate and wide-ranging singer, in essence, an Elvis for everyone.

These are records that have often been overlooked but as a whole, represent a true peak in Elvis' artistry. 

You can read the article 'An Elvis For Everyone' on his >>> Substack Music site. 

Elvis In Nashville: The Early Seventies

Elvis expert and author Shane Brown examined  Elvis' 1971 Nashville sessions which have traditionally been ignored by the official label. In his fascinating and detailed article 'Think Twice: Elvis in The Studio 1971' for the Elvis Information Network. 

It’s very easy to look at the March, May and June 1971 recordings out of context. While the recordings are certainly not up to the standard of those from June 1970, it’s also true to say that Elvis was in a very different place personally by spring 1971. 

In June 1970 Elvis was riding the crest of a wave with his recent successes but by January 1971 he was in the newspapers due to an ongoing paternity suit.T he Presley’s marriage was on the rocks and Elvis was having problems with his eyes.

However despite all of this there was something very interesting going on during the 1971 sessions.

You can read the article 'Think Twice: Elvis in The Studio 1971' on the >>> Elvis Information Network website. 

(Source: Substac Music / Elvis Information Network)