Friday, January 07, 2022

2021 Is Over, Time To Wrap-up This Great Elvis Year

The year 2021 is over, and as we do this time of the year, we look back on the good, the bad, the funny and the sad. 

2021 saw the release of ‘Elvis Back In Nashville’, a 4 CD / 2-LP set featuring Elvis’ 1971 studio-recordings. Listening to these performances fifty years later, and wiped of overdubs, Elvis really shines. A great example of how Elvis still manages to surprise us after all this time.

There were more surprises. Elvis' performance on Frank Sinatra’s Timex show never sounded better, thanks to newly found acetates and we enjoyed new 1970 and 1974 soundboard releases in "stereo" on CD and vinyl.


The Follow That Dream collectors label treated us with new concerts and the ‘His Hand In Mine’ and ‘Pot Luck’ sessions and a great ‘Jailhouse Rock’ box-set. Elvis’ musical legacy was categorized in discography books covering his demo’s and acetates, his first EPs and his U.K., Asian, Army, Japanese and Follow That Dream catalogues. Other books covered his Army years, airplanes, the memoir of Elvis’ first real girlfriend, movies and the 1972 tours. Fans were treated to a wealth of quality 8mm fan-shot footage, showing Elvis live on stage from 1970 until 1977. Each volume was a “Sold Out!” release.


Over 10 Silver and Gold Record Awards underline that Elvis' work still sells today. Talking about sales, the iconic Hagstrom Guitar he used in the '1968 Comeback Special', sold for US$ 500,000 while his Eyelet jumpsuit, worn during his Madison Square Garden concerts, realised over US$ 1 million.


But this year too, we lost more people who were there when Elvis was still alive, including the beat behind Elvis from 1969 until 1977, Ronnie Tutt, and bass-player Bob Moore who played on almost 250 Elvis songs.

To help you look back at 2021, another interesting Elvis Presley year, I compiled all of the above, including the hundreds of new music releases on CD, vinyl and cassette-tapes, text, photo and graphic books, and movie releases on DVD and Blu-ray, in this comprehensive, day-by-day 2021 yearbook. 

The book is fully illustrated, with almost 60 in-depth reviews and articles on the main - and odd-ball - releases of the year, by fans, collectors, authors and experts from around the world. The 350 pages in this book, filled with the good, the bad, the funny and the sad, show that Elvis Presley still matters today… you hold the proof in your hands.

The 2021 edition was created with great contribution by experts, authors and fans from around the world: Carlos R. Ares (Argentina), Piers Beagley, Nigel Patterson and Geoffrey McDonnell (Australia), Andy Pendl (Austria), Robert Gilbert (Canada), Michael Sander and Thomas D. Weiß (Germany), Rogier van Luyken (The Netherlands), Giuseppe Castiglia (United Kingdom), Phil Gelormine and Trina Young (United States). This release is another cooperation with the >>> Danish Memphis Mansion.


The foreword was written by Elvis Songwriter Michael Jarrett. You can listen to two of his compositions on the new 'Elvis Back In Nashville' box-set.


You can pre-order 'Elvis Day By Day 2021 - The Year In Review' at the Poplar Tunes webshop at >>> Here you can find all the latest information on the books in this series, previews, reviews and more.

The new volume will be available January 2022.