Saturday, January 22, 2022

Elvis Day By Day 2021 Released

The hardcover edition of 'Elvis Day By Day 2021 - The Year In Review' yearbook has been released by Poplar Tunes Publishing and Memphis Mansion Publishing. The paperback edition should be available next week. 

Like the previous volumes on 2018, 2019 and 2020, it covers everything Elvis Presley from this year on 350 pages. 

All the news as it happened and when it happened with 60 in-depth reviews on the important music, movie and book releases by Elvis fans, Elvis-experts and Elvis-authors from around the world, making this volume a real 'international edition'.

Contributions by Carlos R. Ares (Argentina), Piers Beagley, Nigel Patterson and Geoffrey McDonnell (Australia), Andy Pendl (Austria), Robert Gilbert (Canada), Michael Sander and Thomas D. Weiß (Germany), Rogier van Luyken (The Netherlands), Giuseppe Castiglia (United Kingdom), Phil Gelormine and Trina Young (United States). Great to see Elvis still connects fans around the world!

The foreword was written by Elvis Songwriter Michael Jarrett. You can listen to two of his compositions on the new 'Elvis Back In Nashville' box-set. This hardcover edition contains various bonus reviews.

You can order 'Elvis Day By Day 2021' at >>> and from the >>> Memphis Mansion.