Tuesday, January 11, 2022

January 11 - Elvis En España

Rubén Olivares Rosell announced the October 2022 release of the two-volume book 'Elvis En España - Una Mirada Critica 1956 - 1969' ('Elvis In Spain - A Critical Perspective 1956 - 1969 in the El Toro book series.

Description: Since the first introduction of Elvis Presley’s music in Spain in 1956, Elvis, his image and his contributions to popular music were ignored and underestimated. 

Based on his own research and analysis of how newspapers and magazines wrote about Elvis Presley, Rubén Olivares Rosell details how Elvis was introduced and perceived in Spain between 1956 and 1969. 

He was credited for spearheading the Rock and Roll movement, but more for his physical posture than for his musical contributions which were pushed to the background. The press generally presented a negative and deformed image of him: “a dangerous and subversive element for the youth” in the fifties, that actor making "absurd movies" in the sixties and of course “the decadence and physical decline” in the seventies. 

Rosell contrasts and refutes these preconceived ideas about Elvis Presley, making a fierce defense for Presley’s image and his (revolutionary contribution) to music. The first volume cover the years 1956 to 1969. 

Jerry Crutchfield Died

Songwriter Jerry Crutchfield died, he was 87.

He wrote the song 'Find Out What's Happening' which Elvis recorded on July 22, 1973 and released on his 'Raised On Rock' LP later that year.

(Source: Carlos R. Ares / Rubén Olivares Rosell of Facebook / Phoenix Elvis Forum)