Thursday, January 06, 2022

January 06 - Soldier Boy 53310761 Is Back

The Danish Memphis Mansion announced the release of the LP 'Soldier Boy 53310761'. This limited edition LP is a hi-end remaster of the 'Elvis Is Back' album. 

The album was originally produced by Anthony Stuchbury for a specialist audio company (who shall remain nameless). They moved onto other things and the Memphis Mansion thought it would be a shame to let this remaster go to waste. 

The LP will be available through the Mansion's shop for two weeks, after that it will be available from the Highway 51 Diner in Aarhus Denmark.

Side A: Make Me Know It / Fever / The Girl of My Best Friend / I Will Be Home Again / Dirty, Dirty Feeling / Thrill of Your Love.

Side B: Soldier Boy / Such a Night / It Feels So Right / Girl Next Door Went A-Walking / Like a Baby / Reconsider Baby.

(Source: Memphis Mansion / Anthony Stuchbury)