Friday, January 28, 2022

January 28 - Elvis - The Legend Edition Report

Due for re-release from the German Tonpool Medien GmbH on February 22, 2022 is the DVD 'Elvis - The Legend Edition'. 

Description: Elvis Presley was the greatest entertainer of all time. In 1954 he was discovered by visionary producer Sam Philips while he was in a studio recording songs for his mother. What followed was an incomparable career and a true "Elvismania" that lasted until his death in 1977. This documentary shows the most important milestones in the King's life.

Elvis news Report - February 2022

Emiel Maier posted his Elvis Presley News Report for the month February 2022 2022. The main subjects for this edition: the 45th anniversary year has begun, the Bill Black biography and lot's of news!

Clear Vinyl

The Destination Moon record label released a clear vinyl edition of Elvis Presley's debut album 'Elvis Presley'.

Pre-orders from Hawaii

The Follow That Dream re-issue of the 'Aloha from Hawaii' show seems popular among fans according to a mailing from the label:

"Dear All
Many of the orders received so far for Aloha From Hawaii 3 CD set are much higher in quantity than normal.  To ensure we don’t go out of stock immediately, can you send your indicative orders ASAP for this new release. for those already received, many thanks. 
It would be good to ensure stock is available for reorders for the foreseeable future but we need to gauge the immediate need to give an accurate manufacturing number.
Best wishes
Roger and Ernst"

(Amazon Germany / Emiel Maier / Follow That Dream)