Monday, March 14, 2022

March 14 - Disc Jockeys, Preachers, and Elvis' New Book

Author and DJ Ron Brandon published his book 'Disc Jockeys, Preachers, and Elvis', self-published biography.

Publicity stated: Ron Brandon was the person who recorded Elvis' 1956 live performance in Tupelo and our Elvis legacy would be less rich had he not done so and then sent Elvis a personal copy! Which Joan Deary luckily found and released on 1984's 'The Golden Celebration' set. 

The book details
 "55 years of Behind The Scenes stories of Disc Jockeys, Rock & Roll, and Elvis.. as told by the author that lived them". 
It includes "23 chapters, 96 pages, 150 photos many in color, 9x11 inches, large type easy to read, excellent quality." 

Chapters include sections on radio stations WTUP Tupelo 1956, WMOC Chattanooga 1962, WNOE and Marty Lacker New Orleans 1963, 'Radio Music Report' magazine, Sex Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll,as well as the story of 'Elvis comes home to Tupelo' and Brandon's discovery of the Elvis Mystery Kisser!

Ron Brandon's foreword charmingly explains: This was a one-man project. I wrote and did all the associated work in putting this little publication together, graphic artist, layout, editing, rewriting, digging through cardboard boxes from dank, dark corners of closets, fighting with an ancient computer that refused to acknowledge upgrades, and all sorts of mayhem and cusswords. Everything but the printing. 

Self-publishing is what it's called. But what it means is that I got to make all the decisions, which is the only way I would have considered the project. 

My thanks to all who contributed and cooperated in one fashion or another. I wish that we could have done 1000 pages and put more photos in... maybe next go round. I hope that you enjoy reading as much as I did putting it all together. 

My thanks to each of you for all those years in the radio / rock and roll business. How were we to know that it wouldn't last forever?

The book is self-published please go here to 'Ron Brandon Facebook page' for more information and to order.

(Source: Elvis Information Network)