Thursday, March 17, 2022

March 17 - Sold Out Vol. 14

The Pyradmid import label announced the release of volume 14 in their 'Sold Out!' concert footage DVD series. The DVD should be available next week.

Publicity stated: With this new ’Sold Out’, we’re going to have fun, because we are going to take you to the Las Vegas of the early 70s: the sights, the sounds, the extensive Elvis decorations at the Hilton… 

8mm film from Elvis’ Summer Festival 1973 is pretty rare, but we have managed to obtain good footage and are presenting it here. Dressed in his ‘Snowflake’ jumpsuit, his repertoire includes a ballsy ‘Steamroller Blues’. Also neat to see Emory Gordy on bass subbing for Jerry Scheff. 

There’s also great concert footage from 1974, and as always his interplay with the fans is a highlight. When a fan says she’s waited 20 years to get a kiss, he says, “Honey, you must have rusty lips by now!”. 

We’ve been asked numerous times to tackle the legendary Pittsburgh 1976 New Year’s Eve show. We obtained the films last year, and had a clean transfer done. All shot from the same angle by the same person. Often there’s beauty in respecting the history of things, which is essentially what we’ve done with this footage. So that’s what you’re getting here.

Pittsburgh just as it was filmed that special night so many years ago. Elvis was ready for this New Year’s Eve concert, and today it stands as one of his finest performances from the final years. 

There’s lots more: Abilene ’77 as filmed by Rex Martin (a fantastic transfer!); Tampa & Atlanta ’75 - fun footage with an animated Elvis; the Las Vegas opening show from August 1975 (Great show!); Binghamton ’77 and plenty more. 

There’s so much to enjoy: Elvis having fun with the audience, with the band, teasing Kathy Westmoreland with her ‘see-through blouse’, calling J.D. Sumner ‘Hovie Lister’…. Goosebump-inducing moments, like a gorgeous ‘My Boy’, the last version of ‘Suspicious Minds’, a sensational ‘How Great Thou Art’, a rare-for-1977 ‘Lawdy Miss Clawdy’, Elvis asking for the lights to be turned on and performing ‘Funny How Time Slips Away’ in one of the most unusual arenas that he played in the seventies (you must see this!).

All classic Elvis, and you’re getting almost three hours of that on this terrific new ‘Sold Out’ release. 

(Source: Pyramid)