Monday, March 28, 2022

March 28 - The Quest for an Oscar

A Sandy Beach published the 536-page book 'Elvis Presley: The Quest for an Oscar' by James Turiello. 

Synopsis: This is not just another book about Elvis, it is a book that finally gives Elvis the recognition and respect he most certainly deserves as an actor. 

It will take you on a journey through the good times, the bad times and the great times in a most unusual movie career. Elvis was much more than a music icon, his contributions to the movie industry were special. The Quest for an Oscar will convince you Elvis does deserve an Oscar for the 31 movies that he starred in, and the two Elvis documentaries that captured his unique live performances.

The Quest for an Oscar, also has chapters with tributes to famous forgotten movie stars and character actors that you will want to learn more about. A special Elvis movie section complete with full cast, credits and synopsis of all 33 movies and television appearances. Get ready, hold on, the ride is about to begin. In the end you will agree Elvis deserves an Oscar. Elvis was a movie star. It all began with Love Me Tender and culminating with Change of Habit.

(Source: Amazon)