Review Elvis Day By Day 2021 by Carlos Varrenti

Carlos Varrenti, author of the new 'The Airplanes and the King' book reviewed the the copy of 'Elvis Day By Day 2021' he got in Memphis during Elvis week 2022. 

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine life without the usual things we do every day in our daily routine. Since 2010, when I’ve discovered the Elvis Day by Day blog, it’s been part of my routine every morning. 


Every day when I wake-up I pick up my coffee and turn on my computer, read my emails and the local news and check out what’s going on in the Elvis world. Yeah I know, the guy has been dead for 45 years, so what possible can there be new? Well, let me tell you, after all those years there is almost something interesting going on in the Elvis world. And this is exactly the beauty of the project Kees Mouwen conceived with his daily Elvis Presley news blog. Elvis legacy keeps being updated, even 45 years after his death. 


I remember back in the early 90s I had to wait for months to read the news in the magazines I subscribed to for some Elvis news (and those magazine usually featured just a small news section), or from time to time I got an email from my usual Elvis dealer with a poorly edited newsletter, filled of new and old Elvis CDs, VCDs, DVDs and even some good old VHS tapes, books and sometimes other artists CDs like Johnny cash or Jerry Lee Lewis at the end of the newsletter.


When internet become popular, some great Elvis websites started with some news, but those were not updated 24/7. And then the day arrived when this amazing blog came out with this fresh new idea that make us remember at the first glance the Elvis Day by Day book by Ernst Jorgensen and Peter Guralnick. Since the very beginning, this website was not limited only to be an everyday surprise for what’s new in Elvis world, but also a unique archive of Elvis information. It covers Elvis’ modern legacy in news and reviews in much (daily) detail. A true and unique project that will give the future fans the possibility to see what happened in Elvis life after his death. 


And in 2019 Kees came up with the idea to publish his first book. The blog, transferred to paper, became a magnificent physical archive of Elvis legacy. 

Reading that first book, I remember buying some of the items he wrote about or reviewed. Getting my parcel from the postman and opening the package watching the King came out from the wrapper. It’s pure magic, and I love it! 


During Elvis week 2022 I got my copy of the 2021 yearbook in Memphis, and I really like the modern design of this edition, it’s a must for every fan that wants to have Elvis’ legacy in his library. The balance of the text, illustrations and colors of this edition it’s a true delight. 


As always, the objectivity that characterize Kees reviews is key to avoid spending money on the wrong items. Especially in these days when there are so many “cut-and-paste” job releases being pushed out by producers wanting to make a quick buck. Or the many books rehashing old material or being re-re-republished for the zillionth time. I was happy to buy the originals in 1995, I don’t need a new copy! 


On a personal note, the review that Kees did of my Book “The Airplanes & The King” was so good-natured and truly objective. It’s a true honor to be featured in this 2021 edition of ‘Elvis Day By Day’. 


The ‘Elvis Day by Day’ books are here to stay and I’m truly anxious to get my hand on the 2022 edition. Keep flying high Kees! 


TCB forever!

Carlos Varrenti

Thanks for the kind words Carlos, I appreciate it!

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