Monday, September 26, 2022

September 26 - Alternate Elvis In 16 Universi Possibili

Due for release from Direct Book is the 180-page Italian book 'Alternate Elvis In 16 Universi Possibili (1933-2068)' by Livio Horrakh.

Description: Is Elvis really dead? No, we do not believe he is. Not because he is living in a secret facility in a vegetative state assisted by mechanical supports, or  hiding undercover somewhere on this planet, but because of the many "worlds interpretation". 

According to physicist Hugh Everett-III, in each circumstance of reality infinite states coexist simultaneously in a sub-quantum cloud of indistinct possibilities. These infinite worlds actualize at each instant in the pluriverse. This could mean that on the night of August 16, 1977, Elvis was rescued in time by ambulance attendants, while in another world Presley is a retired truck driver, and in yet another he was singing in a dance hall with his twin brother or is divorcing his fifth wife ... Or NASA's first moon landing has resulted in a tragic catastrophe, and the first radio signal from extra-human intelligences is picked up by the Palomar-II telescope or .... 

Note: I guess this book will take some close and serious reading. 

Venetia Stevenson Died

Model and actress Venetia Stevenson died. She was 84. Once selected as “the most photogenic girl in the world”. 

In August 1957 she was romantically linked to Elvis and featured in the papers. Elvis met her off the plane when she flew into Memphis. He took Stevenson, Lamar Fike, George Klein, and some others to the Memphis Fairgrounds and then to a private midnight showing of 'Loving You' at the Strand.

In a later interview Elvis admitted to  still seeing Venitia and riding with her  - "I still see Venetia once in a while. I own three horses, take her riding."

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