Monday, September 26, 2022

September 27 - Prodigy of SUN Records

The Elvis Files team updated their release schedule. The ‘Prodigy of SUN Records’ book / LP set is due December 10, 2022, the ‘…Then There Was Elvis’ will be released later.

Publicity stated: A stunning two volume 800-page book project by Erik Lorentzen and Robert van Beek.


Many hours of research through digital libraries emerged new facts and interesting anecdotes from Elvis' early life and career dated 1935 till 1955. From Old Saltillo Road to the magic of SUN recording studios, the first Louisiana Hayride appearances and everything in between. This book is filled with a string of never-before-seen photos dated from 1935 till 1955. 


But wait, that’s not all. A 10-inch vinyl bonus LP with ten songs also comes with this release! The early Elvis SUN recordings in the best possible sound. The world's first atomic powered singer mixed blues, pop and hillbilly / country to create an electrifying new music that was called Rock ‘n Roll and changed the influence of music in the world forever. Also included are 9 glossy early SUN promotional photos, suitable for framing presented in a printed paper sleeve.


A collection of stories: many of Elvis' early childhood friends sharing their memories in these two books. Elvis' time in primary and secondary school is extensively discussed as well as his first loves (not only girls) and his roots for Gospel music. Tupeloans share their stories about their childhood friend who became the future King. A collection of jaw-dropping photos and, of course, the near to  complete story from Elvis' birth until his big break in 1955. An unmissable reference book for all fans.


At the moment we are only waiting for the pressing of the 10 inch single with 10 numbers. There are only 4 plants worldwide that press vinyl. Our supplier is located in Poland and is working hard on this order. If the 10 inch single is not pressed in time, we will send out the books and the single afterwards so that everyone can assume that this dream edition will be in your home well before Christmas. Earlier we had placed an advertisement with 12 numbers. Unfortunately, twelve songs don't fit on a 10 inch disc.


Paper for the books and the cardboard for the box is on reservation, there is no delay. We know how miserable things went with the printing of Varrenti's book ‘The Airplanes and The King’ and ‘…Then There Was Elvis’. We learned our lesson with this! For those who had to wait 9 months for Varrenti's book, we have a plaster for the wound. For those who had to wait 9 months for Varrenti's book we offer a 10% discount on this edition. You only have to provide proof of payment to Erik and state this when ordering. For you who request a discount: do not use the Pay-Now button, which is set to €260. Place your order directly to Erik's Pay-Pal account (minus 10% €234).

At the moment the writing is in full swing, part 1 on the 1935 to1954’ needs a few more weeks and part 2 on the year 1955 is almost done.

There are 10 promo singles to be distributed among all pre-orders. You will be notified via the site. Good luck, the promo is a gem.

What can you expect from this release? Two books printed on high quality paper as you are used to from The Elvis Files author Erik Lorentzen. 9 glossy photos to frame, a 10-inch album with 10 songs in the best possible sound quality and many hours of reading pleasure with 'Elvis: Prodigy of SUN Records'. Lorentzen has already delivered big projects in recent years but I can assure you that this release is the icing on the cake. No expense has been spared to make this travelogue a success. For you of course, the fans.

The complete overview in word and image from Elvis’ birth until he [Elvis] signed for RCA. 800 pages packed with unique material and documentation interspersed with beautiful photos.

Hundreds of hours of research gives an overall picture of the boy who became a king. Many new and/or higher/better quality photos have been purchased and distributed through these two issues. You will be amazed at the mass of information that has come to light through newspaper articles, through those who befriended Elvis over the years and much more info via the web. This project is not a photo book but a day-by-day travelogue.


The books are available for pre-order at the >>> Elvis Files webshop