Wednesday, March 01, 2023

March 01 - New Elvis Magazines and Books

Several new Elvis magazines are due in March. 

From Holland comes volume 302 of the It’s Elvis Time magazine. In addition to reviews of the beautiful ‘On Tour’ box set, an interview with Linda Thompson and an in memoriam for Lisa Marie Presley and other articles. 

The magazine also features a review of the 'Elvis Day By Day 2022’ book, which I look forward to :-).

More info at >>> It's Elvis Time.

From Germany comes the Golden Boy Elvis magazine (1/2023) which of course remembers Lisa Marie Presley, but also Stella Stevens, Racquel Welsh, Mike Freeman, Anita Pointer, Armond Morales and others we lost recently

Besides reviews of recent releases such as ‘From Louisiana and Memphis’ and ‘Elvis On Tour’, the magazine takes a closer look at the new Netflix series ‘Agent Elvis’, the 50th anniversary of the ‘Aloha’ concert and more. 

More info at >>> Golden Boy Elvis.

Also from Germany comes volume 269 of the Graceland magazine. The main subject of the 58-page dan club magazine is the unexpected death of Lisa Marie Presley.

More info at >>> German Elvis Presley Gesellschaft.

Due this month from the German Elvis Club Berlin is volume 211 of their 'Memories' magazine. On the 74 pages we get articles on the 50th anniversary of the Aloha Special, reviews of the latest vinyl (MRS, Popcorn and other bootleg labels), CDs (FTD and bootlegs), Blu-ray and DVDs and an In Memoriam for Lisa Marie Presley).

More info at >>> Elvis Club Berlin

From Belgium comes volume 80 of ElvisMatters’ Elvis magazine. 

This volume is primarily paying tribute to Lisa Marie Presley with various articles. Also included are an interview with Sweet Inspiration member Estelle Brown and more. 

The golden members of the fanclub / magazine will also receive a CD containing the duets Lisa Marie recorded and the speeches from her memorial service.

More info at >>> ElvisMatters.

From the United Kingdom comes volume 139 of the 'Elvis The Man and His Music magazine. 

In this edition articles  on  July 2nd 1956 (Alfred Wertheimer Interview), Elvis In Demand, The Andreas Enigma Part 3, Moments In Time – April 18th 1972 and reviews of the latest CD, DVD and book releases. 

More information at >>> Now Dig This.

From Norway comes volume 113 of the Flaming Star magazine which, next to the regulars, contains articles on Lisa Marie Presley, Elvis Sings Ben Weismann, Elvis and Ginger and more. 

More information at >>> Flaming Star

Agent Elvis Première

The official Elvis The Music website posted the following announcement for the premiere of Netflix’s new adult animated series 'Agent Elvis'

Description: Get ready to go undercover. Step into the world of Agent Elvis on March 17, when the brand new show premieres exclusively on Netflix. Watch the full trailer now and get ready for an undercover mission you won't forget.

The trailer for season 1.

The program 'Agent Elvis' relies on the A+ high concept pitch of "What if Elvis was also secret agent?" and was co-created by none other than Priscilla Presley herself, along with famed rock star John Eddie. Both are also executive producers, with Eddie serving as co-showrunner alongside Mike Arnold, best known as a writer on FX's not-so-secret spy comedy Archer.

Even if Matthew McConaughey's take on the rhinestone-friendly legend wasn't enough of a blue suede draw 'Agent Elvis' boasts an all-star voice cast that stacks up with anything else on TV right now, and easily rivals that of the aforementioned Archer's consistently perfect ensemble. Apart from Matthew McConaughey voicing Elvis (which of course sounds very cool indeed), other well-known actors voicing characters on the upcoming animated show include Christina Hendricks, Simon Pegg, Kieran Culkin, Gary Cole, Don Cheadle, Niecy Nash, Ed Helms, Tara Strong, Johnny Knoxville, and Priscilla Presley (Priscilla is voicing herself!).

Elvis Almanaque 2022

Waldenir Cecon published his 202-page Portuguese book 'Elvis Almanaque Elvis 2022'.

Description: This 2022 retrospective offers various stories on Elvis, the history of Brazilian fan clubs, a retrospective of 2022, releases from 20222 and a special on Lisa Marie Presley. 

The author wrote: "The book is inspired by Kees Mouwen's excellent 'Elvis Day By Day' series - featuring Elvis news and for the Almanac, articles and features not in the EDBD series - the 2022 edition has a special tribute to Lisa Marie Presley." Waldenir intends that the Almanac will be an annual publication.

Barbara Gray Died

Barbara Gray, the infamous woman in "The Kiss" with Elvis Presley photo from Alfred Wertheimer. The famous picture was taken June 1, 1956 at the Francis Marion hotel te Charleston. 

Alanna Nash said it was "a career thrill to find her and authenticate her identity". 

Prodigy of SUN Record Update

Erik Lorentzen posted an honest update on the missing SUN LP from the 'Prodigy of SUN Records book-set. Buyer need to have a little more patience, but in the end all should be solved as promised.

FIRST OF ALL …  I'M SORRY. After more than 40 - forty - Books about Elvis. More than 16,000 pages and more than 45,000 pictures (haven't calculated it properly) I decided that a 10" LP was going to be included with the new SUN Box. It should of course be in the box when released together with a bag with promo photos. This unfortunately did not happen.

I had the tape with the 12 songs that were supposed to be on the record. Sent it to one of Europe's best sound engineers, who removed what was of noise, to create the optimal sound. Then it was sent to a very capable studio for mastering.
When it was finished mastering, it was sent to a Norwegian company that did everything for me. They have contact with most press plants in Europe, and are very serious. Then it began.

After a while I was told that 12 songs are two too many on a 10" LP. Back to the studio and a couple of weeks of waiting. I did not know this. MY FAULT.

Then it was sent back to the Norwegian company with new labels and covers. After some time (again) I was told that I had to register the disc with the Nordic NCB company and pay a fee (royalties to the song writers). So after two weeks of waiting I received an invoice, which I paid. I did not know this. MY FAULT.

By then, the books and the box had been printed, and we chose to ship it without the LP and with a compensation to all retailers. So at Christmas time I did not get in touch with the Norwegian company, only an automatic message that the office was closed due to illness. They came back after a few weeks and apologized for this and promised to stand up for me. Production is now underway, and fingers are crossed that everything is now OK.

I must regret that my first - and last - record release have been a complete mess, and that from now on I will stick to books and magazines.
But Can promise one thing: Everyone who has bought the SUN box will have the LP sent to them. And some are also in the draw for some promo LPs. So please have even more passion with me, and in the meantime, keep playing Elvis music.

And as said: A lot I didn't know - and it's all MY FAULT.

(Source: It’s Elvis Time / Golden Boy Elvis / ElvisMatters / Now Dig This / Elvis The Music Elvis Information Network / Erik Lorenzen)