Monday, March 20, 2023

March 20 - Elvis Remembered

Due for release from Firefly Books on October 7, 2023 is the 240-page hardcover book 'Elvis Remembered: Intimate Interviews from the Elvis International Archives, with the People Who Knew Him Best' by Shelly Powers. 

Description: When Shelly Powers was 7, she told her mother that she'd marry Elvis Presley when she grew up. She did, though he was an impersonator, a tribute artist she met in Las Vegas. But over her 12 years living in Vegas, she joined an Elvis fan club. After a few Elvis conventions she met Presley's personal photographer, Ed Bonja, and with him made her first Elvis Interview.

What started as one interview became many more, and with them many more friendships with people in Elvis' circle. Each of the 11 of Elvis' intimates interviewed here has a good story to tell. Each is accompanied by period photographs of Elvis and the friend, movie posters, concert memorabilia, and unusual memories that every fan or Elvis will want to read.

Interviewees include:

  • Ed Bonja, Tour manager and official photographer 1970-1977.
  • Cynthia Pepper, Co-star in the movie 'Kissin' Cousins'.
  • Darleen Thompkins Worked with Elvis on 'Blue Hawaii' and remained close till his death.
  • Patti Perry, Met Elvis when she was 17 and only female member of "Memphis Mafia".
  • Myrna Smith, Elvis backing singer 1969-1977.
  • Joe (Diamond Joe) Esposito, Lifelong friend, body guard and best man when Elvis married Priscilla.
  • Sonny West, Lifelong friend of Elvis and bodyguard,
  • Jerry Schilling, Lifelong friend and managed the Beach Boys, Jerry Lee Lewis and Lisa Marie Presley.
  • Larry Geller, Spiritual advisor and personal hair stylist. Shaped Elvis' look.
  • Jimmy Velvet, Friend for 20 years and ran an Elvis memorabilia museum in Memphis.

Packed with remarkable photographs, this will be a memorable fans' resource and enjoyable reading for anyone.

Postpone Hearing Lisa Marie's Trust

According to Radar Online Priscilla Presley has pleaded with the court to postpone the first scheduled hearing on her petition to be named trustee of her late daughter Lisa Marie’s trust to mid-May, as her feud with granddaughter Riley Keough intensifies.

Back in January, Priscilla filed a petition in court demanding an alleged amendment to the trust not be enforced. Elvis’ ex did not provide any details on why she needed additional time.

In court documents, Priscilla said the trust was created in 1993 and amended in 2010. She said she was named the co-trustee along with Lisa Marie’s ex-business manager Barry Siegel.

Recently, Priscilla revealed Barry intends to step down as co-trustee. She said per Lisa Marie’s will that meant Riley would take over his spot. She believed that both she and Riley should serve as co-trustees. However, Priscilla noted there was an alleged 2016 amendment that was floating around. The amendment removed her as co-trustee and appointed Lisa Marie’s daughter Riley and son Benjamin as co-trustees. Benjamin died in 2020.

Elvis Presley and America

Samuel Walter published his 61-page book 'Elvis Presley and America: The Impact of the King on Pop Culture and Society'. 

Synopsis: Discover the Man Behind the Legend: Elvis Presley and His Impact on Pop Culture and Society! Elvis Presley was more than just a legendary performer with a sultry voice and gyrating hips. He was a cultural phenomenon that left a lasting impact on American society.

In this fascinating book, we dive into the life and career of the King of Rock and Roll to explore his influence on pop culture and society. Here are just a few of the things you'll learn:

  • Elvis's childhood and family background that shaped his music and personality
  • The emergence of rock and roll in the 1950s and how Elvis became the face of the movement
  • The role of television in catapulting Elvis to stardom
  • Elvis's impact on youth culture and rebellion
  • How he challenged racial barriers in music and entertainment
  • The ups and downs of his film career and the impact it had on his music
  • The evolution of his sound and style in the 1960s and beyond
  • The enduring legacy of Elvis on American culture and society

Whether you're a die-hard Elvis fan or just curious about the man behind the music, this book is a must-read. Get ready to be inspired by Elvis's life and career and the lessons we can learn from his journey.

The Faith of Elvis 

Thomas Nelson announced the November 7, 2023 release of a 256-page paperback edition of 'The Faith of Elvis' by Billy Stanley and Kent Sanders.

Description: Behind the glamour and the crowds. Beyond the movies and the records. Apart from all who knew him, wanted to know him, or just wanted to be near him. Billy Stanley knew Elvis Presley as a brother—and as a man of deep faith.

From the day Billy Stanley arrived at Graceland and received a bear hug from the King of Rock and Roll to the last conversation they ever had, one thing stayed the same: Elvis’s passion for sharing God’s love with as many people he could.

In The Faith of Elvis,Billy illuminates Elvis’s Christian journey, from the notes Elvis made in his beloved Bible to his struggles with sin as his fame increased to his remarkable generosity toward fans and movie stars alike.

Through this first-hand account, you will find touching family stories of the Elvis that pop culture doesn’t know; a keen look into how Elvis intricately wove his faith into every part of his life, insights into the ups-and-downs the four brothers experienced while at home and on the road together and examples of Elvis’s profound influence on others—from those closest to him to his cherished fans and, ultimately, the world at large.

Here you will find your own faith strengthened and your heart turned more toward heaven, or as Elvis would say, toward the only true King.

Includes a photo insert and discussion and reflection questions for group or individual use.

(Source: Amazon / Radar Online / MSN)