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March 21 - The Crowning of A King

Frank R. D'Onofrio published his 331-page book 'Elvis: The King of Rock and Roll: Book1: The Crowning of A King' as both a paperback and hardcover book. 

Description: Did you see the Laz Buhrmann movie "Elvis"? This Book focuses on things the film should have addressed. It answers the question, Is Elvis, The King of Rock & Roll? Yes, he is! 

There is no reason for debate, it is a fact, without Elvis, there could be no Rock and Roll music as we know it. Elvis' impact on culture, music and the societal implications point to something no one has ever considered. Who else could have done it?

Why is Elvis: The King of Rock & Roll? The distinction becomes more blurred by only looking at the definition from today's perspective. History was never meant to be told from today's perspective. It must be experienced in the context of the time it happened. You cannot decide based on "Elvis the end result."

Talking about this 60 years later illustrates a culture seeking to rewrite the history of what happened. Believing people at the time should have today's perspective and could do it better. Why Elvis was given, the title harbors fierce debate, and racial tensons. Some take it personally, believing he should not have it and never earned it. This book seeks to end the debate once and for all. Starting with the premise: Music /artists of the time bear little resemblance to the music/artists playing today. After Elvis stepped into the future on July 5th, 1954, accidentally singing "That's Allright Mama." everything changed.

Elvis "The End Result" happened after his coronation on September 9th, 1956. Prior to that, Rock and Roll did not exist. Elvis sold America Rock and Roll Music. He started in 1954. The answer is in the facts of what happened between 1954 - 1956.

It is why John Lennon said, "Before Elvis, there was nothing."; Leonard Bernstein said: "Elvis is the greatest cultural force in the twentieth century. He introduced the beat to everything, music, language, clothes; it's a whole new social revolution – the '60s comes from it."

Elvis Presley unwittingly altered a trajectory of history in a single moment the night of July 5th, 1954. Igniting a spark and starting a firestorm. This Book illustrates what happened. Steps Elvis Presley took to move from obscurity and poverty to superstardom. This could never be explained in today's context or terms.1954 is different compared to today. Destiny was no accident! The world was a different place.

The firestorm Elvis caused, transformed the definition of what popular music represented. Elvis went on to transform the music/entertainment industry landscape; along with it, changed our culture. He transformed the world, and how we see one another. Elvis and Rock and Roll Music became a catalyst for change. My objective: place the reader in the shoes of a young 19-Year-old Truck driver from Memphis. Recreating and describing people and moments defining a young Elvis. His audition failing, the moment, he and Rock and Roll Music became his destiny.

The Baz Luhrmann film "Elvis" was an important, Like Elvis himself, it was an exciting visual and musical film experience. But it left out his whole story. The people and environment that defined him. The initial stir was not Elvis' shaking. That came a year later. It was THE MUSIC he created causing a revolution. People reacted initially to his music. His effect on music and pop culture occurred before the world had ever seen him perform!

The film focused only on Elvis' physical attributes, leaving out his contribution of creating Rock and Roll music experience. Not showing his true genius as the man who virtually transformed Rhythm and Blues into Rock and Roll. With Television catapulting him to international stardom.

Within two years, Elvis went from the brink of a failed audition to the largest-selling recording artist in the world. He sold Rock and Roll Music to mainstream America. This is Elvis' journey from local Truck driver to his coronation as The King of Rock and Roll. I Hope you will experience the journey again with me as your guide.

Things You Didn’t Know Or Have Forgotten

T.G. Patching published the 131-page paperback 'Elvis Presley: Things You Didn’t Know or Have Forgotten … And Some Things You Wish You’d Remembered or Liked to Forget!'

DescriptionElvis Presley, known as the "King of Rock and Roll," was one of the most influential and popular musicians of the 20th century. His legacy as a cultural icon has been immortalized in numerous biographies, documentaries, and hagiographies that celebrate his life and impact.

This book explores all parts of the Elvis story, from his personal struggles to his great success. It includes many stories and information you won't know, have forgotten, or maybe want to forget.

Note: the book appears to be written using public sources like Wikipedia.

Elvis, Man and God Paperback 

Estelle Hough published her 331-page paperback 'Elvis, Man and God'. 

DescriptionThere really is only one thing that needs to be said here: The only reason you are not mesmerized by Elvis Presley is because you don’t know enough about him.

If you are new to Elvis, this book is for you. If you are a long-standing fan, you may be surprised, this book is also for you. Links are provided to YouTube videos. Writing in normal script is true as far as can be ascertained by cross-referencing biographies, memoirs, interviews and videos about Elvis. Script in italics is sometimes based on truth, sometimes fantasy. Expect some hagiography and spiritual references – they are difficult to avoid when dealing with Elvis.

An Elvis favorite quote: ‘Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free’.

The Name Code 

Australian Christopher Byrnes Matthews re-published his books 'The Name Code 1: The God Of Elvis' (554 Pages), 'The Name Code 2: The God Of Elvis' (533 Pages), 'The Name Code 3: Hidden Messages In The Bible and Koran' (647 Pages) and added a 4th volume titled 'The Name Code 4: The Path To Graceland'  (481 pages).

Summary: Based on the Hebrew language, hundreds of long-hidden messages are to be found scrawled like graffiti throughout the holiest texts of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. They infect every book, epistle, and Gospel like a deadly virus. Wherever they are found, the avalanche of messages cross-reference each other, continually restating their stunning claims. 

Hundreds of precisely placed messages are encoded in the names of Elvis Aron Presley and eight generations of his well-recorded ancestors. The eloquent biographic messages prophesy the King's future glory as a world-famous singer. The accompanying network of biblically themed messages makes many other far more startling revelations. Manifest in the flesh, the singing rock idol Elvis Presley was God on Earth. He was the real Messiah Son of David. Rock-idol Elvis was the immaculately conceived son of the real God of Creation, the ancient rock-idol Bull-God, El-Baal. 

In all, more than 2,000 examples of name-code messages are provided both in Hebrew text and in English translation. Inexorably all the messages lead one to Graceland, Memphis, Tennessee. The four books total more than 2,000 pages. 

Note: “Please don’t shoot the messenger!” These books are arguably an controversial, challenging and incredibly dense Elvis book set, and not “something for everyone”

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