Thursday, March 09, 2023

March 09 - Sold Out Award

The Pyramid import label announced the release of volume 19 in their 'Sold Out!' fan shot concert footage DVD series. The focus this time is on 1971 with  footage from eight Vegas shows. There's also material from Atlanta as  well as the final tour in June 1977. The footage from December 1976  promises "a dramatic knee-drop during 'How Great Thou Art'!

Publicity stated: We are pleased to announce 'Sold Out volume 19', which contains three hours of rare Elvis footage live on 8mm film. We all know that 8mm film is not perfect, but it was the medium of the time, and thanks to the efforts by fans we can now see wonderful moments from his shows that would otherwise have been lost forever.

1971 is still in some ways under-documented, and underrated, but on this volume we have footage from 8 different nights in Vegas, which show how physical and dynamic he was. There’s plenty of cool moments, including Elvis throwing out teddy bears during that song, or improvising his way through ‘Jailhouse Rock’. Another rarity on film is him singing ‘I John’ during the ‘Polk Salad Annie’ intro.  These eight films, all documented by the same person, give a very good insight into Elvis’ stage shows at the time.

Elvis gave some of his best shows in Atlanta during the 70’s tours, due to the excitements of the fans there. We have four films from these shows on this release, and in each of them it’s clear that he feels like a fish in the water in Atlanta, and his interaction with the fans is priceless (riding a toy dog, etc). One of the highlights is a cool, funky ‘Polk Salad Annie’. There’s also Memphis footage, as well as two lengthy films from one and the same show, but filmed from different angles (make your own super edit!)… There’s also some of the last footage of Elvis and Red West together, which in light of the subsequent firing and the events after that is moving to see. You also see Elvis introducing his dad, Vernon. His generosity towards the other talent on stage is displayed when he asks The Stamps to do a solo performance.

There are various lovely close-ups, especially in the later footage. December ’76 was a return to form, as is evidenced in the footage on this release. Highlights include a strong ‘Fairytale’, as well as a dramatic knee-drop during ‘How Great Thou Art’. There’s also footage from the final June ’77 tour, including a fantastic ‘I Really Don’t Want To Know’. Despite everything else that was going on in his life at the time, the man could still sing. Outstanding stuff.

All the footage is presented as it was originally filmed, with no edits or other manipulations done. All we did was a careful restoration of the footage. This is another superb release that gives you the real Elvis, with plenty of great moments. Put this in your player and get transported back to the magic of Elvis live in the seventies. 


The Polish RMF Classic radio station presented Baz Luhrman and Elliot Wheeler a MocArts award for the soundtrack for the 'ELVIS' movie. 

Publicity stated: “The director of this epic spectacle, Baz Luhrmann, has accustomed us to an unconventional approach to music in his films. Remixes, remakes and living proof that Elvis lives and inspires today's popular rappers, electronic, R&B and soul artists. Creative and original!

The winners were chosen by the listeners of the RMF Classic radio listeners.

Elvis & Heli

Due for release from the German Booy Verlag on March 20, 2023 is the 2nd Edition of Heli von Westrem's 276-page book 'Elvis & Heli'.

SynopsisHeli von Westrem was with Elvis Presley during his tenure as G.I. in Germany. The book gives us an insight into her life back then. Includes 40 chapters, photos, fan letters and a short biography of Heli. This book is the revised second edition of Elvis & Heli (2020). Chapters of the true love story of Elvis Presley and Heli von Westrem have been partially combined by the author and a new chapter has been added. 

The A5-sized book is dual-language, German and English, and contains 14 illustrations. 

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