Thursday, June 08, 2023

50 Years Later The Legend Continues: Elvis 2022

50 years later, the legend continues :-) Did you get your copy of the 2022 Elvis Presley yearbook? 

'Elvis Day By Day 2022 - The Year In Review' holds  420 pages with everything Elvis Presley from 2022, including 50+ reviews of the main book, music (official and bootleg releases on digital, CD and vinyl) and movie releases and interviews.

A few reactions to the book: 

"Objectively speaking, I can say with confidence that this 2022 edition is highly recommended and that Kees has once again delivered a marvelous piece of work!" Rogier Luyken (It's Elvis Time magazine, Holland).

"Kees’ books are ones that one will go back to regularly, if only to be reminded that Elvis’ legacy is not moribund. Their pages are proof that indeed it is alive and well." Elvis biographer Paul Belard (USA).

"The author provided solid commentary or in-depth reviews for some of these releases, so that I - and every other reader of this book - knows which release is worth getting and which ones to avoid." Mariusz Ogiegło, author and webmaster (Poland).

"What is particularly pleasant, as I also know from working with him, is that Kees always maintains the necessary objectivity. Even for fans who are well informed this is exciting, because you may not always share the same opinion or have reservations about a release, but here you get to read perspectives from him and other fans, authors and Elvis experts that shed a different light on some releases." Michael Sander (Germany).

"The book is over 400 pages and it includes also interviews with Alanna Nash among others which I extremely enjoyed. It's also nice that, while reading the reviews, you find yourself agreeing or not agreeing and realizing that it's always about taste. And in my taste, this book is absolutely positive." Gerrit de Jager, designer, (Holland)

"Just to let you know the books arrived yesterday and all i can say is WOW! When I eventually opened the packages (initially thought it was the new ‘On Tour’ set) I had a quick flick through or so I thought! I was literally still reading it going back and forth over the pages 2 hours later! I don't know where the time went but that shows me what an enjoyable and great product it is." Adrian Tedeschi (United Kingdom).

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