July 02 - Viva Elvis!

The Japanese Shinko Music Mook published the 144-page 'The Rockabilly! Presents Viva Elvis 2' magazine. 

It features the chapters: 

1. A taste of America and Elvis the superstar from the 50's to the 70's through the hottest movie 'Elvis'! Interview with Austin Butler, Baz Luhrmann, etc.

2. Special features: '68 Comeback Special, Blue Hawaii, On Tour

3. Love for Elvis 100% pure! Direct interview with Marty Friedman

4. Still more Mania's secret collection!

5. 'Sun Records', the Rockabilly Hall of Fame

6. 'Presley Sun Collection' verification

7. Elvis's guitar work (Sun era)

8. Elvis who dreamed of becoming a gospel singer and gospel numbers

9. Mother Gladys Presley who formed human Elvis

10. The woman who discovered Elvis' exceptional talent, Marion Keisker

11. Analysis of the charm of the original handsome singer, etc.

(Source: Shinko Music Mook)