July 15 - Follow That Dream CDs Released

The Follow That Dream 3-CD sets 'From Vegas To Tahoe' and 'Devil In Disguise - The Lost Album Sessions' have been released. 

The latter comes as a 8-inch digi-pack with 3 CDs containing songs that were recorded, for the most part, over two days in July 1963. These varied and excellent performances ended up being scattered over several RCA Victor releases between 1963 and 1968. 

It would not be until 1990 that the songs finally appeared as originally intended on a proper RCA vinyl album. Almost 60-years later, FTD presents all of the masters and outtakes available from the session(s).

All the tracks except 'Love Me Tonight'  take 7 false start were previously released on FTD's 'Memphis Tennessee' 2008 Classic Album. Hopefully there will be more unreleased 'count-ins' and snippets of studio banter but there is not much more here that hasn't already been released.

The live-set is a 3-CD set, housed in a 5-inch digi-pack, containing three 1973 Midnight Shows which were recorded on January 27 / February 21 (Las Vegas Hilton) and May 12 (High Sierra Theatre, Sahara Hotel, Lake Tahoe).

Two tracks from May 12 1973 concert have been previously released by FTD on 2003’s ‘Takin’ Tahoe Tonight’ and they were rather good. See review here. Elvis was still in good form in 1973 and all three are ‘Midnight Shows’ making them all the more interesting. Some fans are disappointed that the first two CDs are 'sound-booth' audience recordings and not ‘soundboards’.

(Source: Memphis Mansion / Elvis Information Network)