Monday, July 25, 2022

July 25 - An Elvis for Himself

Music writer Robert C. Gilbert wrote an interesting perspective on Elvis renewing his artistic fire in late-sixties in Nashville in his article 'An Elvis for Himself'. 

As the author introduced his article: With Baz Luhrmann’s 'ELVIS' hitting theateres last month, there’s been renewed interest about Elvis Presley, his legacy and whether he continues to matter (this article offers some interesting thoughts on that topic).

The essay 'An Elvis for Himself' only tangentially mentions the new Elvis biopic and instead, focuses on a series of recordings Elvis made in Nashville between May 1966 and January 1968. 

It was perhaps the most commercially fallow period of his career but amidst the diminishing returns of movies and movie soundtracks was a collection of recordings that stand as among Elvis’ most interesting and varied. 

Taken together, they provide a vantage point to better understand the comeback that started with the famous NBC special taped in June 1968 and aired on December 3 of that year. I hope you’ll enjoy reading the essay and check out some of the music mentioned. What are some of your favorite Elvis songs from this time period?

Read >>> 'An Elvis for Himself' on the Listening Session's website.

Elvis And Me

Levi A. Martin published the 55-page book 'Review: Elvis and Me'. 

Synopsis: This Summary is for you if you'd want to enhance your knowledge, refresh your memory, or simply decide whether or not this book is for you. It gives supplemental material to 'Elvis and Me' to help you summarize the important lessons, and evaluate the book's content. 

It is written to be a complement to the original book 'Elvis and Me' and includes the executive summary of the original book and key takeaways. It isn't a replacement for the original book.

Note: The original book by Priscilla Presley will be re-issued as and e-book and CD Audio book on August 23 by Blackstone Publishing. 

(Source: Robert Gilbert / Amazon)