Saturday, July 16, 2022

July 16 - Postponed Prodigy

The Elvis Files team updated the information on the release of 'Elvis Prodigy of SUN Records' book / vinyl set. The expected publication was Summer 2022, and has been postponed to "around October" 2022. This two part book comes with a series of SUN promo photos (10 x 8 inch) and a 33 RPM LP with 12 songs. 

Before this book will be published KJ Consulting will release the books 'The Airplanes and The King' by Carlos Varrenti and '...And Then There Was Elvis' by Elaine Christan. These two books were originally set for release December 2021.

Publicity stated: We like to draw your attention to the latest book to be published later this year: 'ELVIS Prodigy of SUN Records'. The ultimate reference and reading experience for all 50’s fans since the release of 'A Boy From Tupelo'. 'Prodigy of SUN Records' tells the complete story from the birth of Elvis to his big break in 1955. 

This two volume book takes you back to the first 20 years in Elvis' turbulent life and the road he followed to create a recognizable person and become a successful singer. Many new photos will delight your eyes as well as the extensive documentation that is available. A journey where Elvis takes you and shows himself from a completely different side than we are used to. 

The Elvis Files makes a big splash with this edition because we believe in the success of these two-book edition. Thousands of words of text interspersed with hundreds of photos, many of which have never been published before in this quality. The Elvis Files is known for publishing alternative and never before seen photos and we are really going 100% in this publication. 

The Elvis Files has outdone itself to bring you the best in your collection. Never before had Elvis 1935-1955 been portrayed so extensively in word, image and sound. We are very proud of this publication, which are a milestone for THe Elvis Files in its lustrum of books.

(Source: The Elvis Files Team on Facebook)