Friday, May 06, 2022

May 06 - Good Rockin' Tonight

A new re-issue of the U.K. HMV classic Elvis release 'Good Rockin' Tonight' should be out May 18, 2022 from the IKON record label.

Description: A Limited Edition 10 inch re-issue on clear vinyl with flip-back sleeve. The A-side contains the original mono versions and the B-side contains the  songs re-mastered in stereo. 

Tracks (in both mono and stereo versions): Blue Moon of Kentucky / Good Rockin Tonight / Milk Cow Blues / Just Because.

Plaque Elvis unveiled in Bad Homburg

A plaque commemorating Elvis Presley's stay at the Ritters Park Hotel (known today as the Steigenberger Hotel) in October 1958 in the German town of Bad Homburg, was unveiled in the presence of Elvis' cousinn Donna Presley. 

This weekend the TCB Weekend with Dennis Jale and the original musicians of Elvis will take place at the Steigenberger Hotel in Bad Homburg. 

New Trailer Elvis Biopic (Updated)

Priscilla Presley, probably ahead of official plans, posted the second trailer for the new Baz Luhrmann 'ELVIS' biopic. Once again it looks splendid - and this time we get to hear Austin Butler sing as early Elvis. As Col Parker says in the voice-over, "In that moment I watched that skinny boy transform into a super hero". 

(Source: Facebook / Elvis Information Network)