Wednesday, May 18, 2022

May 18 - Viva Las Vegas

Warner Bros. will re-issue Elvis' and Ann-Margret's musical comedy 'Viva Las Vegas' on Blu-Ray on June 20, 2022. This re-issue comes with the Theatrical Trailer, the featurette 'Kingdom: Elvis in Vegas' and commentary by Steve Pond. Also included are the movie on DVD and the soundtrack on CD. 

Description: In one of his most popular movies, Elvis Presley shared the screen with Ann-Margret in Las Vegas, easily creating the most electrifying teaming Elvis had on-screen. 

He's Lucky Jackson, a Grand Prix race driver working at a casino to raise cash for a new engine; she's a hotel swimming instructor - and the romantic action revs up from their first meeting. 

Veteran director George Sidney, combines the hormonal heat wave with fascinating sights of '60s Las Vegas.

Follow That Release

FTD's 'Kid Galahad' 2-LP was already available from U.K. dealers, but was delivered at other dealers too. Also out are the 'Pine Bluff to Madison '76' double CD and Bob Pakes book 'Celluloid Sell-out'.

(Source: Amazon  / FECC / Memphis Mansion)