Sunday, May 29, 2022

May 29 - Tom Hanks on the Colonel

Author Alanna Nash made an interesting post on Facebook regarding Tom Hanks' knowledge on the Colonel. Listening to this fragment it sounds like Hanks might have just been telling us a nice promo story in the Cannes Film Festival press conference.

Best Elvis Presley Quotes

Josephine Clarke published her 38-page book '200+ Best Elvis Presley Quotes'.

Description: Elvis Presley is regarded as the most iconic face in history of American music and culture. From his swiveling hips to his rubbery legs, Elvis Presley sure had the moves which made him a global phenomenon around the world. 

Just like his music, his work, thoughts, sayings and quotes are till date cherished by people from all walks of life. We all remember him primarily for his great music, but he also spoke eloquently in his interviews, which became his popular quotes. Read through this collection of thoughts and sayings on music, hate, hopelessness, positivity, perseverance, criticism, gospel, God, truth, humor and Ambition. 

(Source: Alanna Nash on Facebook / Facebook)