Thursday, May 12, 2022

May 12 - New Australian Discography Books

Australian researcher and collector, Bob Hayden, has published his latest three books titles 'Elvis Presley - Australian 45rpm Extended Player Covers'. The three volumes provide a full color visual record of, and information about, all side 1 and side 2 labels for each of Elvis' 7-inch 45RPM Extended Play records released in Australia.

This includes variations of particular titles. Book 3 also features photos and information about two unofficial Elvis EPs produced in Australia. The books complement Bob's earlier volumes recording the covers for each of the EP releases (he is working on similar volumes for Elvis' Australian LP releases).

Lilo and Vinyl

Disney announced the July 3, 2022 release of a 20th Anniversary Edition of the Elvis themed movie 'Lilo and Stich'. The album contains 5 performances by Elvis Presley. 

Description: Enjoy 'Lilo & Stitch' on Curacao Blue Transparent colored vinyl. Released to celebrate the film’s 20th anniversary. Featuring classic songs from the Disney animated film, including, 'Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride', 'Heartbreak Hotel' and 'He Mele No Lilo'.

Elvis In The Metaverse 

Through Facebook EPE invited fans to join an on-line preview of the new Elvis On-Chain project.

Description: Learn about the world of NFTs and how we’re bringing Elvis to the metaverse. 

Learn with Web3 experts as we give an important announcement, share the ways you can get involved, and capture your feedback.

Be one of the first to hear about the Elvis On-Chain NFT & Metaverse project, brought to you by the Elvis Presley Estate and blockchain studio Run It Wild.

More information: 

Legendary Recordings

The Laser Media announced the July 22, 2022 release of the 6-CD set 'Legendary Recordings from the King of Rock: Elvis Presley'.  

This Elvis 6 CD box set features the greatest hits,  legendary songs and includes radio recordings.

(Source: Elvis Information Network / Elvis Club Berlin / Plastic Head / Elvis Presley Enterprises)