Saturday, May 21, 2022

Review Elvis UK Cover Story

Andy Pendl reviewed the new 'Elvis UK Cover Story - The Ultimate Guide To Elvis Presley’s British EP & LP Sleeves 1956-1977by John Townson and Gordon Minto

John Townson an Gordon Minto did it again. After their first digital project - presenting 'Elvis UK3' as e-book using the flip technology - they digitized their first book ‘Elvis UK’, which was out of print for a long time before. While the second edition of their British discography, ‘Elvis UK2’, is still available in print, they have just unveiled a new addition to their existing body of work. 

Is this another release that any collector or any British Elvis fan should " add" to their collection and reference library? 


For those who are not familiar with e-books or have not seen the flip technology on displays, three main advantages over the printed format are a good reason to buy it.

First, the search function allows you to find individual words or numbers very quickly. Second, the book can be updated at any time. Not only are any errors quickly fixed, but additional facts and bonus material can be added, as the authors have previously done with ‘Elvis UK’.

Third, the digital format is cost-effective, as shipping costs are often disproportionately high.

Selected pages can be printed, either to a PDF-file or directly to a printer. If you print all 286 pages (including the front and back covers), you will get a PDF-file with a size of about 564 MB, which will be saved on your device.


Should anyone think that there would be only simple scans of front and back covers, they will not only be surprised, but delighted. Those who know the two experienced authors and have certain expectations will not be disappointed, although some would miss re-issues and cover-variations. 

Following the introduction explaining their thoughts and reasons for this decision, 20 chapters offer exactly what the keywords announce: Adverts / Back Cover Photographs / Corporate Details / Credits / Cut-Outs / For UK Fans Only / Front Cover Fact File / Hidden History / Inserts / Laminated / Non-Standard LP Covers / Printing Companies / Record Shops / Sleeve Manufacture / Sleeve Notes / Spines / Stereo Records / Stickers / Titles / Winning Sleeve.

With this wealth of information and detail, it is particularly striking how meticulously researched it was. For example they do not simply show back cover pictures, but also the original photos from which they were made, along with descriptions. 

By calling the failed cover of the ‘Elvis (Fool)’ album the “winning sleeve” and detailing what mistakes were made they express their criticism in a humorous way.


Without grumbling that there is no print edition and that I would prefer cover pics in bigger size, it’s an awesome work containing plenty of information and astonishing facts no collector could pass!

Knowing these guys, I imagine they won’t stop researching and may offer additional facts, bonus pages, or another volume ... 

This is simply an awesome work no collector could pass!

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'Elvis U.K. - Cover Story' costs just GBP15 and can be ordered via the author's  website at >>>