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February 14 - Signed 1974 Elvis Cartoons For Valentine

Nigel Patterson pushed back the release of his upcoming book 'Elvis, Hero of the Comic Books' to March 2024. 

The update on Facebook stated
: After announcing the upcoming publication of 'Elvis, Hero of the Comic Books', I received numerous leads and references for Elvis related comic books and graphic novels. As a result, the book is being expanded from 150 to around 250 pages with the addition of 30 to 40 new entries, additional information, and many new cover and archival images!

More than 200 comic books, graphic novels, graphic biographies, comic strips and comic related ephemera will be featured in the book. This includes publications directly about Elvis, those where he has a minor (cameo) role, and others that were inspired by him.

The covers for the book are "almost" finalized thanks to great design work by Elvis Day By Day's Kees Mouwen.

In order to add and format the new additions, publication of the book has been pushed back to March. I will publish several page images in the coming week.

Description: 'Elvis, Hero of the Comic Books' is the first comprehensive record of Elvis Presley as found in comic books, graphic novels, graphic biographies, and (select) comic strips.

Inside this book you will find information on more than 200 titles of comic and graphic novel/biography books directly about Elvis, those in which he has a cameo role, and others that were inspired by him. Also included is artwork from a variety of releases and an eclectic range of Elvis related comic book ephemera.

'Elvis, Hero of the Comic Books' features more than 200 images, the breadth of graphic art is a mix of the impressive, a case of WTF?, and art that some will find confronting. In addition, the book features various sidebars, which present a more detailed account of a particular title or issue.

The narrative themes found in the releases presented in this book are multifarious, ranging from straight biographies, Elvis as crime fighter, Elvis clones and Elvis in the super-hero realm, to anthropomorphic Elvis, Elvis parodies/ satire, and Elvis as demon, vampire, and zombie (this is a particularly popular theme). There is even a fairy godmother and a Lady Helvis!

As a body of work, the comic books, graphic novels and biographies and comic strips, represent a powerful symbol of the incredible impact Elvis continues to have on society and culture, nearly 50 years after his passing.

Yours, Elvis Presley

Velvis Enterprises announced the May  2024 release of the the book 'Yours Elvis Presley - The Definitive Collection of Elvis Presley Autographs Volume 1' by Stephen M. Shutts.

Publicity stated
: An in-depth look at approximately 100 plus authentic autographs from Elvis Presley, inclusive of approximately 75 never before published photos of Elvis from 1955 to 1976. From Stephen's personal collection and from selected respected peers in the Elvis collector community. 
This hardback, collector's edition book serves a two-fold purpose. One, it provides never before told stories about Elvis, by the fans who met him and obtained a coveted autograph in person. Secondly, it presents itself as a study guide on Elvis autographs in order to avoid secretarial and forged signatures when collecting.
Enjoy reading previously untold, heartfelt stories about Elvis and the places he frequented or was spotted at, stories from adoring fans who spent a cherished moment in time with him and left with the ultimate autograph.

Learn about Elvis' diverse handwriting characteristics during his career, as explained by leading authority and historian, Stephen M. Shutts. Shutts has spent the majority of his life pursuing all aspects of Elvis Presley's iconic career.

This collectors edition book is limited to only 400 copies. All editions will be signed and include a a unique documented piece of memorabilia from Elvis's Graceland.

For more info:

Where The Heart Is

The Vinyl Passion record label re-issued their 'Where The Heart Is' "Valentine's Day' compilation on gold - purple colored vinyl. 

: This is a collection of twenty-two of Elvis' heartfelt ballads recorded in the fifties dealing with love. 

From the very early "Love Me Tender" to the 'Kid Galahad' movie ballad "Home Is Where The Heart Is", this whole collection just shines. No one could sing a romantic song as 'The King.

There are some rarer songs here that are really great like "Doin' The Best I Can", "Young And Beautiful" and of course the Top Ten hits "I Want You, I Need You, I Love You," "Love Me," "Don't," and "Can't Help Falling in Love," as well as such Presley standards as "Are You Lonesome Tonight?." 'The King' is dead but 'The King' lives on forever!

Elvis On Tour March 1974

The re-print of Kieran Davis' 'Elvis on Tour March 1974' is out.

: The book covers Elvis' March 1974 tour and is the same format as our previous books - hard back, colour, large format etc.

There are 336 pages which include the usual mix of photos, memorabilia and documents plus an exhaustive text on the tour. The five Memphis shows are especially of note as all the official documents relating to the shows are included. The front cover image shows Elvis wearing a cape at one of his Tulsa shows - a true rarity. 

Priscilla Presley Sued By ...

Priscilla Presley is being sued by Priscilla Presley Partners (PPP) the company, which this week won the first round in a lawsuit filed last October.

The lawsuit alleges that in 2022 Presley was broke and sought help from an auctioneer, Brigitte Kruse, who agreed to help her exploit her name and likeness. For several years the two had been developing a relationship as Kruse helped Presley auction off some Elvis memorabilia. But then, the lawsuit says, Priscilla asked Kruse to take on even more responsibility and the two of them formed PPP in January 2023, with Kruse as majority owner.

The timing seemed good, as Kruse says in her complaint that she helped negotiate the movie project Priscilla, based on her memoir Elvis and Me, which was being produced by A24 and directed by Sofia Coppola. But months later, as the film was about to come out, Kruse alleges that Presley suddenly cut off her and PPP, excluding her from the film premiere and any other opportunity to do business.

According to the complaint, in 2022 Kruse was also granted power of attorney. Upon assuming the position, Kruse says she learned that Presley was roughly two months away from insolvency on top of facing a bill for roughly $700,000 in unpaid taxes.
Among the reasons for Presley’s alleged financial position was that she sold her rights and interest to her surname nearly 20 years ago to ABG, limiting PPP with the ability to exploit her first name only.

The suit alleges that Kruse has spent a significant amount of her own money in developing various products and other intellectual property that was intended to launch alongside Priscilla. Kruse is seeking an undisclosed amount in damages.

(Source: Nigel Patterson / Amazon / Yahoo News)