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February 16 - French Stage Power

The Tupelo Productions import record label released the third volume in their 'Stage Power' multidisc CD series. The volume is subtitled 'Let's Go Back and Touch the Past'. 

Publicity stated: On August 10th 1970 Elvis Summer Festival started and thousands of people and stars flocked to see the main attraction in Las Vegas! MGM was present duting the start and filmed what we all know and love as'Elvis - That's The Way It Is'. Elvis never looked better! After MGM wrapped up the filming, Elvis loosened up and relaxed more on stage. But, even if the camera crews left, the fans with tape recorders didn't ... 

Now, experience Elvis at the peak of his career - Elvis Summer Festival 1970 with this Deluxe 7-CD-set / booklet. The audio was remastered using the latest technology. 

Shows included in this set are the August 14, 1970 Midnight Show, the August 19, 1970 Dinner and Midnight Shows / the August 20, 1970 Dinner and Midnight Shows, and the August 21, 1970 Dinner and Midnight Shows. 

These shows are good audience recordings and were originally recorded by Rick Rennie. They have been released multiple times before, most recently by the Straight Arrow import record label: 
August 19 both shows: Double Dynamite and Loose As A Goose.
August 20 DS: A Dinner Date With Elvis and Elvis '70 : Hot To Trot.
August 20 MS: A Dinner Bell in Vegas and Elvis '70 : Hot To Trot.
August 21 DS: From Vegas In Memphis and Ol' Snake Hips Is In Town.
August 21 MS: You've Lost That Lovin Feelin' and Ol' Snake Hips Is In Town.

Silver Award

The British Phonographic Industry certified the single 'Viva Las Vegas' Platinum for selling over 200,000 copies sold since November 14, 2004 in streams plus digital downloads plus physical sales

Record Store Day Releases 2024

The French V.P.I. record label continues its tradition with Record Store Day releases. This year the label will release 'I'm Counting On Them: Otis Blackwell and Don Robertson Songbook' on blue vinyl with a "galaxy effect" colored vinyl and on CD. Also set for release is the triple LP and double CD-set titled 'Elvis Styles' on clouded neon-pink colored  vinyl, clouded backs and white colored vinyl and clouded translucent vinyl. Both vinyl releases are limited to 1,500 copies each.

Details 'I'm Counting On Them
: Otis Blackwell and Don Robertson Songbook': This album brings together two songwriters, both pianists, who have contributed remarkably to the work and career of the King. 

If Otis Blackwell excelled in Rock 'n' Roll of which he was one of the great artisans (he gave Elvis no less than three number 1s), Don Robertson was a master in the art of the ballad (several of his compositions will appear on the B side of successful singles). Two exceptional artists who deserve to be included in the Pantheon of Music!

Side A: Don’t Be Cruel - Paralyzed- All Shook Up - Make Me Know it (Take 18) - Fever (Take 1) - (Such An) Easy Question (Take 3) - We’re Comin’ In Loaded - Return To Sender - One Broken Heart For Sale (Take 1, Movie Version). 

Bonus Song: One Broken Heart For Sale (Demo).

Side B: I’m Counting On You (Take 13) - There’s Always Me (Take 4) - No More (Take 7) - Starting Today (Take 2) - I’m Yours (Take 5) - Anything That’s Part Of You (Take 2) - I Met Her Today (Take 16) - I’m Falling In Love Tonight (Take 6) - They Remind Me Too Much Of You (Take 4).

Bonus Song: There’s Always Me (Demo).

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Details 'Elvis Styles': In 1960, the renowned composer Leonard Bernstein said, "Elvis Presley is the greatest cultural force of the 20th century... He introduced rhythm into everything and changed it all—music, language, clothes. It's an entirely new social revolution from which the '60s emerged."

And it's true that Elvis could sing anything! This triple album features no less than 54 tracks, the majority of which are alternate versions. A unique compilation, never before realized, that is truly exceptional, showcasing the various facets of the artist.

LP 1 - Side A - Blues: Santa Claus Is Back in Town (Take 7 / Master) - One Night Of Sin - It Feels So Right (Take 3) - A Mess Of Blues (Take 3) - Like A Baby (Take 2) - I Feel So Bad (Take 1) - Give Me The Right (Take 2) - Beach Boy Blues (Movie Version) - Reconsider Baby (25.03.1961, Pearl Harbor).

Side B - Country: Blue Moon Of Kentucky - Have I Told You Lately That I Love You (Take 13) - When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again (Take 10 / Master) - Old Shep (Take 5) - Your Cheatin' Heart (Take 9) - A Fool Such As I (Take 3) - Just for Old Time Sake (Take 4) - I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone (02.07.1955, Louisiana Hayride) - I Forgot To Remember To Forget (October 1955 Louisiana Hayride).

LP 2 - Side C - Gospel: (There'll Be) Peace In The Valley (Take 7) - It Is No Secret (What God Can Do) (Take 5) - His Hand In Mine (Take 4) - I'm Gonna Walk Dem Golden Stairs (Take 5) - Milky White Way (Take 5) - I Believe in The Man In The Sky (Take 1) - Joshua Fit The Battle (Take 2) - Swing Down Sweet Chariot (Take 3) - Working On The Building (Take 4).

Side D - Films: Mean Woman Blues (Take 7, Version 2) - Baby I Don’t Care (Take 1) - King Creole (Take 17, First Version) - Blue Suede Shoes (Take 1 / Master, Movie Version) - Rock-A-Hula Baby (Take 3) - What A Wonderful Life (Take 2) - King Of The Whole Wide World (Take 1) - Girls ! Girls ! Girls ! (Take 3 / Master) - One Broken Heart For Sale (Take 1, Movie Version).

LP 3 - Side E - European: Tonight Is So Right For Love (Take 7) - Wooden Heart (Take 1) - Tonight's All Right For Love (Take 8) - It's Now Or Never (Take 4) - Surrender (Take 6) - Can't Help Falling In Love (Take 26, Movie Version) - Almost Always True (Take 5) - No More (Take 11) - Silent Night (Take 9 / Master).

Side F - Latino: How Do You Think I Feel (Take 7 / Master) - Ito Eats (Take 2) - Kiss Me Quick (Take 4) - For The Millionth And The Last Time (Take 7) - You’ll Be Gone (Take 4) - Fountain OF Love (Take 9) - We’ll Be Together (Take 10) - The Walls Have Ears (Take 12 / Master) - Mama (Take 9).

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The French record label re-issued the two French EP's 'Le Cavalier Du Crépuscule' - available on black, transparent, red, yellow and blue-green colored vinyl and 'Noël Avec Elvis' - available on black, transparent, red, yellow and orange colored vinyl. 
All colors limited to 200 copies each.

Tracks 'Noël Avec Elvis':
Side A: White Christmas / Silent Night.
Side B:  I Believe / Blue Christmas.

Tracks 'Le Cavalier Du Crépuscule':
Side A: Love Me Tender / Let Me.
Side B: Poor Boy / We're Gonna Move.

Pre-order >>> 'Le Cavalier Du Crépuscule' and >>> 'Noël Avec Elvis' at the Culture Factory website.

(Source: Pascal Matteo / V.P.I. / Elvis Club Berlin / DisquaireDay / RecordStoreDay)