Sunday, February 25, 2024

February 25 - Elvis Fantasy

Graphic artist Alan Barbara announced the release of the DVD 'Elvis Fantasy: As Real As It Gets', which should be available around Christmas 2024 or January 2025 for the celebration of what would have been Elvis' 90th anniversary. 

Publicity stated
: Step into the mesmerizing world of 'Elvis Fantasy: As Real As It Gets' on DVD, where incredible and lifelike performances, including the soul-stirring 'You'll Never Walk Alone', await you.

Immerse yourself in the magic of Elvis Presley's unparalleled talent, with astonishingly realistic renditions of his iconic hits. 

This DVD not only captivates with spellbinding performances but also unveils the untold side of Elvis's story through an insightful documentary. Don't miss the chance to experience the legend in a way that feels as authentic as ever, a must-have for any Elvis fan.

The King Is Cool Again

The UK magazine TimeOut reports that "The King" is cool again - how London fell hard for Elvis.' The article looks at how ABG have worked hard to get the younger generations on-board. Major points noted are: 
  • In 2017 a YouGov poll found that 29 percent of British adults aged 18 to 24 had never listened to an Elvis song. At the same time the value of Elvis memorabilia had dropped significantly.
  • So the latest bout of Elvis mania is no accident. It’s the result of a wildly calculated campaign by EPE /ABG to make the King cool again. Or at the very least, profitable.
  • Three years ago, ABG chief exec Jamie Salter declared that 2021 would be ‘probably the biggest year in the history of Elvis Presley’.
  • ABG created a Snapchat filter to get the oil-slicked quiff and sideburns on teen radars and there were reportedly even discussions about downplaying anniversaries of the musician’s death so people don’t get hung up on the fact that Elvis would be a geriatric by now.
  • Last year Netflix released ‘Agent Elvis’ a cartoon sitcom that follows Elvis (voiced by Matthew McConaughey) leading a double life as a rock ‘n’ roll legend and US government spy. He’s got a chimp for a sidekick and fights bad guys while tripping on LSD.
  • Then came the Baz Lurhmann biopic ELVIS which came with a soundtrack that melded old-school Elvis with current stars like Doja Cat and MÃ¥neskin.
  • After launching in Australia the ‘Direct from Graceland’ exhibition was enlarged and opened in London. With 450 original Elvis artefacts, including loads of stuff that’s never been seen before it
  • gives seasoned Elvis fans and post-Austin Butler newcomers an intimate window into each and every stage of the crooner’s life. It was recently extended thanks to its immense popularity.
  • Later this year London will also host the ‘world’s first Elvis immersive experience’ featuring a hologram that brings the star to life.
  • Unlike ‘ABBA Voyage’, ‘Elvis Evolution’ won’t be so much a concert as an all-encompassing walk through Elvis’ life and career, from what it was like to live in the deep South to the role that gospel music played in shaping his music. But don’t panic fans: it will still end with a ‘concert finale’.
  • Elvis was the first influencer and you still see the ripple effects from the seismic impact he had on popular culture even 70 years after 'That's All Right'
  • Elvis’ brand has endured for more than four decades, spread across multiple continents and seeped into popular culture generation after generation.

While the Brits sadly have missed out on being serenaded by The King in real life, 2024’s Elvis mania should surely provide a little compensation.

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(Source: Alan Babara / TimeOut / Elvis Information Network)