Tuesday, February 20, 2024

February 20 - The King and the Jester

Paul Belard is known for his day-by-day series of Elvis photo-books, but his brand new "special interest" book all about Elvis and manager Colonel Tom Parker, titled 'The King and the Jester', has been released. 

The cover notes, "As this uncultured philistine said of himself, "I did not know what to make of Elvis, or his music. I did not care, but I saw the reaction of the audience says and it was enough for me". Parker promptly realized that Elvis was his own ticket to wealth. In addition he soon realised that the naive young man and his unsophisticated father will be no match for his dubious ploys."

The book is a very strong read and one that is very much the "counterpoint" to the recently published "rose colored glasses" account, 'Elvis and the Colonel: An Insider's Look At The Most Legendary Partnership In Show Business', by Greg McDonald and Marshall Terrill.

Go here to >>> buy the book via Amazon uk or order directly from Paul Belard >>> contact him here.

Double Feature Stereo Releases

Memphis Mansion announced the March 2024 release of the 45 RPM Maxi-single titled 'Loving You'. The disk is a promotional release for the label's forthcoming ‘Mono II Stereo’ 'Elvis Double Feature' CD. It contains the songs 'Loving You', 'Hot Dog' and 'Jailhouse Rock'.

The CD will contain the soundtrack recordings of 'Loving You' and 'Jailhouse Rock' produced in stereo by Anthony Stuchbury. The artwork was done by Soren Karstensen. The full tracklisting will be released later. 

(Source: Elvis Information Network / Anthony Stuchbury)