Wednesday, August 03, 2022

August 03 - The King of the Rings Vol. 2

Paul Belard published volume 2 of 'The King of the Rings' through Linden Press. This volume is a further catalogue - and showcase - of Elvis Presley's jewelry. 

Synopsis: Elvis had an innate talent for being different, and at times extravagant. Not only with his music, but also through his long hair, his celebrated sideburns and the bold and defiant colorful way he dressed on, and off stage.

The need for Elvis to have beautiful things was only matched by his willingness to give them away. Family members, friends, strangers were the recipients of his generosity, or his need to give, seeking the joy that results from offering presents.

This book showcases another array of rings, most of which have appeared at auctions. They are a tangible proof of Elvis’ tastes, at times refined, at others times flashy, grandiose, flamboyant, just like the man who originally bought them. 

The book can be ordered directly from the author ( or via Amazon.

(Source: Paul Belard)