Monday, August 15, 2022

August 15 - Off The Ground And Off Duty

KJ Consulting published the 400-page English edition of Carlos Varrenti's 'Los Aviones Y El Rey', now titled 'The Airplanes & The King'. The book, originally due December 2021 but delayed due to Covid and paper supplies, was published as a deluxe English version with a prologue by Elvis expert Carlos R. Ares. The book contains with much detailed and technical information and many-many stunning photos of the aircrafts Elvis traveled on.

Publicity stated: Earlier last year, a childhood dream came true with a Spanish-language book entitled "Los Aviones Y El Rey" by Carlos Varrenti. This fantastic reference book is soon available in English. The original had 198 pages and has grown BIG to a good 400.

The book is a guide for every Elvis fan. With hundreds of photos and anecdotes you will be flown into the aviation world of Elvis as you have never experienced it before. An A to Z trip with all the flight dates that Elvis has flown in his 22 year adult career. A complete technical overview of all the aircrafts, personal ones and rented. Take a seat, buckle up and come fly with us. An unforgettable flight through the skies. 

Hundreds of pages of information about Elvis and his planes. The book, characterized by many technical details of the planes that Elvis has flown supported by many fascinating stories and anecdotes from Elvis' (fellow) musicians, his inner circle, friends and family. Every single detail you can think of, accompanied with countless photos from 1956 to 1977, you’ll find in this publication.

Many photos have never appeared in print before, a real treat for the collectors. A light-hearted and well-thought over book that will not collect dust in your bookcase because there is always something interesting to read ─ again.

On a side note, Carlos has a great taste in books :-) He picked up his copy of 'Elvis Day By Day 2021' in Memphis. 

You can order it from Carlos Varrenti at his >>> Airplanes & The King website or though the >>> Elvis Files website

Off Duty In Bad Nauheim

The Petticoat Records import label released the LP / CD ‘Off Duty In Bad Nauheim’.

Publicity stated: This deluxe box set contains several fantastic goodies. Including a 180 gram green colored vinyl record featuring 20 unique recordings made in Bad Nauheim, Germany during his army duty. This box set is available in two editions with different unique designs.Content of the box set

1 x 180 gram green colored vinyl recording
1 x compact disc
1 x bonus 25 x 25 cm bonus photo
2 x A3-sized bonus poster

Tracks Side A: Soldier Boy - Take 2 / Danny Boy - Take 1 / Mona Lisa / His Hand In Mine / Apron Strings - Take 2 / I’ll Take You Home Kathleen - Slow Version Take 1  / Are You Lonesome Tonight? / Earth Angel - Take 1 / He Knows Just What I Need / Oh Lonesome Me.

Side B: I’m Beginning To Forget You / Soldier Boy (Take 1) / Such A Night / There’s No Tomorrow / The Fool - Take 1 / I’ll Take You Home Kathleen - Slow Version Take 2 / I Asked The Lord - Spliced Version / Send Me Some Lovin’ / Loving You / The Titles Will Tell / I Will Be True.

Nancy Rooks Died

Nancy Rooks, who worked as a cook and maid has died, she was 84. R.I.P. 

Nancy Rooks was hired on at Graceland as Elvis Presley's cook and maid in May of 1967, she working at Graceland and continued working at Graceland after Elvis' death. 

She is the co-author of the books 'The Presley Family Cookbook ' and 'Inside Graceland'. 

Elvis Parade

On August 15, 2022, the American Parade magazine  appeared with Elvis on the cover and the article '45 Years After His Death, We Reveal The Surprising Stories Behind The King's Greatest Hits'.

Read it >>> on-line.

(Source: FECC / Carlos Varrent / Elvis Club Berlin / Jesse Chism)