Friday, August 26, 2022

August 26 - For the U.K. Elvis Collectors

The 366-page hardback book 'The Elvis Collector / UK Memorabilia 1956-1977' by Harry Carrigan has been released. The cover was updated from the original announcement.

Description: This is the first detailed guide to the subject of Elvis Presley memorabilia issued in the U.K. between 1956 and August 1977. This guide is the second of three volumes which aim to document all the known items in each of the subject areas covered. 

The first volume (printed in 2021) detailed all the known Elvis film memorabilia. This second volume looks at various memorabilia and the third volume (due to print in 2023) will predominately look at newspapers, comics, magazines and books. 

This guide has over 1,500 images looking at: Anabas badges, Cards, Photo-cards  and Postcards, The Elvis Express, Elvis Monthly, International Elvis Presley Appreciation Society, Jewelry, Official Elvis Presley Fan Club of Great Britain, Record Shop and Promotional Items, Selcol Toy Instruments, Song and Music Sheets and Books. 

Buyer Beware

Under the names Thrilling Studio, Urban Studio, Delight Studio, Hanging Studio, Twitch Gallery, Ezreal Gallery,  Jhin Gallery, Jinx Gallery and Kaisa Gallery 9 'Elvis Presley Photobook: The Best Pictures Of Elvis Presley For Relaxation' were published on Amazon. 

Description: This ultimate fan book will be a perfect gift idea for fans of all ages. Let's look back and recall every shade with Elvis Presley photos, from young and carefree, sexy and serious, glamorous.

Note: these so called books contain a selection of the same set of pictures on just 34 pages. Buyer beware.

Elvis Presley News Report 2022

Emiel Maier posted his September 2022 Elvis Presley news report, looking back at August 2022 with coverage of the new 'On Tour' box-set, Lansky Brothers and Priscilla's fail during Elvis Week 2022).

(Source: The Elvis Shop London / Emiel Maier)