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August 08 - All The King's Records

Released below the radar in April 2022 is volume 2 in the Polish 'All The King's Records' discography series. This A-5 sized 500-page second volume by Mariusz Ogiegło covered the years 1966 - 1977. Volume 1, released October 2020, covered the years 1956 - 1966.

Synopsis: The second volume of 'All the King's Records', which was released on April 13, 2022, focuses on the years 1966 - 1977. 

This volume starts when Elvis Presley decided to compete for more ambitious material and for his career, which he nearly squandered by appearing in Hollywood films. 

The author takes you by the hand and behind-the-scenes of the making of the Grammy-winning album 'How Great Thou Art', to the set of the 1968 NBC TV Special and also to the auditoriums of the biggest concert halls in the United States in Las Vegas, New York, Hawaii and Memphis, where Elvis triumphed after he returned to live preforming in 1969. 

The story ends behind the walls of Graceland, in the room now known as the Jungle Room, where Presley made his last ever studio recordings.

As in the first part, each chapter is filled with the recollections of those involved in the making of each record.

Olivia Newton-John Died

Actress and singer Olivia Newton-John died, she was 73. 

Elvis Presley recorded Olivia Newton-John's songs, 'Let Me Be There' and 'If You Love Me (Let Me Know)' in concert during the 1970s. 

Olivia recorded a posthumous duet with Elvis on the 2008 'Christmas Duets' album, performing the longstanding Christmas carol, 'O Come, All Ye Faithful'.

Olivia Newton-John saw Elvis in concert at least twice but just missed out on meeting the King of Rock 'n Roll. In her 2018 book 'Don't Stop Believin'' she wrote: "I was really excited to be invited to see the King at the Hilton in Las Vegas. It was a celebrity-packed row, with Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber sitting next to me on either side. After the show, I went backstage to meet him and got another big surprise. Doris Day was there, too - I've always adored her. Doris was warm and welcoming, but sadly I never met Elvis up close and personal. His road manager said there was an emergency and Elvis had to leave the building, literally!"

The following is the text of an interview with Olivia Newton-John in 1974 and broadcast on WGN Radio.

Q: Have you been back to Australia recently?

ONJ: Last year.

Q: Who are the people, the American artists that are predominate, ah, that are very popular?

ONJ: In Australia?

Q: Right!

ONJ: Oh, heavens! Probably the same as here. Elvis always, still. Still the king.

Q: Have you seen him in person?

ONJ: Yes, two years ago I went to Las Vegas.

Q: These women are all alike. What is it that he does?

ONJ: He's got something - that's all!

Q: He sure does (laughter). A lot of guys would love to have it.

ONJ: He's got a magic on stage, and I'd heard a lot of people saying he's this and that, and i always wanted to make my own judgment of him, and he was magic as soon as he comes on stage-whatever he does, people will accept.

Q: Now I'll agree. I had never seen him until two years ago, and I did the same as you. I said well, I got to see for myself, and he does ... he is a tremendous 'in person' performer. I think Sinatra has the same thing for his audience as Elvis has for his. They can almost do anything and the audience will love it.

ONJ: I like it because he sends himself up. I don't know if that's the same expression used in America? What do you say here for that? Puts himself on? Puts you on?

Q: Yes he doesn't take himself too seriously.

ONJ: Yes that's it.

Q: What was that expression you used?

ONJ: Sends himself up.

Q: I like that, and I'm hoping to write all this down.

In 1976 Olivia again saw Elvis in concert and while she did not get a second chance to meet him, she was treated to Elvis performing her hit song. Olivia: 'During the show, Elvis shocked me and sang my song ...' It blew me away to hear him say my name because I was such a big fan'.

Elvis noted the presence of Olivia and The Eagles at his April 1976 Long Beach concert. Elvis did perform 'If You Love Me (Let Me Know)' at the concert.

Elvis' Heartbreak

The U.S. based National Enquirer ran a special on 'Elvis' Greatest Heartbreak', loosing his mother. 

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