Saturday, August 27, 2022

August 27 - Elvis On Flexi

The Danish Memphis Mansion published the 4th edition of their revamped 'Elvis Unlimited' magazine with articles on Elvis in Miami, the Million Dollar Quartet and "Who The Heck Is Vince Everette? It also comes with a flexi-disc containing the Extended Vocal Mix of ‘Loving You’. 

This version was created by Anthony Stuchbury who posted on Facebook: "The version utilized for this was the opening movie orchestral version. Sadly that version only has one verse of Elvis singing before going completely instrumental, but not anymore.

I identified the take used in the movie opening and added a second verse from the studio take over the orchestra. There was a little speed correction, a minor unheard edit, and a good level / balance required to make it work, but now we have it. Another piece of collectible flexi - fun."

(Source: Memphis Mansion / Anthony Stuchbury)