Tuesday, August 16, 2022

August 16 2022 - 45 Years Have Passed

Today fans around the world mark the 45th anniversary of Elvis' passing and honor the man, the star, the icon - the King of Rock 'n' Roll! 45 years have passed already since that dreadful day in 1977.

Fortunately, Elvis is very much alive in 2022 topping the box-office with a great biopic, topping the charts in the U.K. and U.S. with the the movie's soundtrack. And in December, we get 'Elvis On Tour' as a 6-CD  / 1-Blu-ray set. 

Gone too soon, gone too long.

Each fan will morn the King is his own way, alone, together with friends and fans. Some lucky ones gathered at the annual Candlelight Vigil on August 15 and quietly remembered our man, his life and his achievements. 

Elvis Forever - 45 Years On

Piers Beagley wrote a great Spotlight article on >>> The Elvis Information Network website titled 'Elvis Forever - 45 Years On'. In the article Piers looks back  - with the help of Lenny Kaye's new book 'Lightning Striking' - at the facts and feelings of Elvis' great legacy and all too early passing.

Elvis A Prayer

On the >>> FECC Forum member Scoobie wrote a fitting prayer: 

Dear Elvis…

Thank you for your wonderful voice.

Thank you for your extraordinary performances.

Thank you for your kindness to others.

Thank you for the love you showed your fans.

Thank you for enduring those things that caused you pain, frustration and disappointment.

Thank you for movies and TV performances you left us to watch.

Thank you for your humanity.

God, thank you for Elvis, and the talent and strength you gave him.

Note from the Elvis Information Network: At the Candlelight Vigil presentation unfortunately Priscilla told the crowd, “Today is Elvis’ 45th Birthday and here we are celebrating, all of us together tonight”. 

Linda Thompson on Facebook agreed and noted: “August 16th commemorates the 45th anniversary of Elvis‘s passing. It is a day of remembrance, not celebration."

Let's hope all is well with her.

A Bizarre Speech

Priscilla Presley gave a "bizarre" speech during the Candlelight Vigil. She asked a crowd of emotional Elvis fans to wish the late singer a "happy birthday" at the beginning of a solemn candlelight vigil to commemorate the anniversary of his death - not his birth - outside of Graceland.

The frail-sounding 77-year-old, who was married to Elvis for six years, sparked bewilderment and a smattering of heckles when she confused the annual ceremony for the King's birthday, which was over seven months ago.

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