Saturday, August 06, 2022

August 06 - A Dream Release

The delayed Victrola import-release 'The Dream Project', featuring soundboard recordings mixed to stereo with new backing tracks, has been released. 

Publicity stated: The first renewed Victrola label 2022 project is arriving! Of course it is not the usual re-release, but a fresh new project with completely upgraded sound! All songs have been restored, remixed into stereo and we bet you will love the result!

Ann Nixon, who is a very famous Elvis fan, said it all: "Seeing and hearing Elvis live is a happening in itself. No gramophone record can reflect the sound of Elvis' voice as he sounded in the real life. The dynamic range and the power that came with his voice were never captured like people really experienced it live."

Being with Elvis in Las Vegas is like having a private concert. Nowadays there are countless recordings of Elvis' shows, and with this project we want to try to show you how it was to experience the real Elvis live in Las Vegas as had you been there in person.

We are aware of the soundboard recordings of Elvis, but quite often they are instrumentally incomplete, or the strong bass or heavy orchestra is overbearing the other instruments in the sound mix. Our dream was to restore this unique collection of live songs that Elvis performed during his Vegas years to their fullest glory. In this project we used the 1970 "On Stage" album as a template and we dreamt of what an original Elvis album would have looked like in the mid 70s. It was clearly noticeable throughout this project is how well Elvis really did sing on stage, and how immaculate the arrangements of the songs were.

That combination and Elvis' unbelievable charisma made everything sound right. Sometimes Elvis did two shows in one night in front of 2500 people during the span of one month. This would be almost the same as performing at the Radio City Music Hall in New York City during four consecutive weeks.

Here are a few samples (courtesy FECC).

Tracks: If You Talk In Your Sleep (August 1974) - My Boy (March 1975) - I’m Leaving (August 1974) - Good Times Charlie Got The Blues (August 1974) - It’s Midnight (August 1974) - And I Love You So (December 1975) - Polk Salad Annie (December 1975) - Promised Land (March 1975) - Trouble (September 1973) - Burning Love (December 1975) - Love Me (February 1972) - It’s Impossible (February 1972) - Proud Mary (August 1974) - Down In The Alley (August 1974) - You’ve Lost That Feeling (January 1974) - Little Darling (December 1975) - Big Boss Man (March 1975) - Hound Dog (February 1972) - You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me (March 1975).

(Source: Facebook / FECC)