February 11 - Hollywood Chiama Elvis

Released by the Italian NovAntico is a new edition of the 72-page paperback 'Hollywood Chiama Elvis' ('Hollywood Calls Elvis'z) by Ernesto Zucconi. 

Description: Ernesto Zicconi, Elvis fan and author of 'Elvis Presley Album di Una Vita' and 'Elvis Presley: Un Fenomeno Mondiale Nelle Cronache Italiane' (with Luca Castellino), has published the book 'Hollywood Chiama Elvis' ('Hollywood Calls Elvis') that matches the concept of 'Album di Una Vita', as it's a collection of stickers to attatch in the book. All the stickers to complete the album are included. The book is 72 pages and the text is in italian.

(Source: Elvis Information Network / Amazon Giuseppe Castiglia)