Monday, February 13, 2023

Review Elvis Day By Day 2022 - 5

Mariusz OgiegÅ‚o, author of the book ‘Elvis All the King's Records 1966 - 1977’ and webmaster on the Polish Elvis Promised Land website, wrote a review explaining why you should buy the book ‘Elvis Day By Day 2022 - The Year In Review.   

There are some ironclad truths about the Internet. One of them is that the Internet is an inexhaustible source of information, the other is that nothing ever gets lost online. And it's hard to disagree with either one of these two. 


After all, it is enough to enter the subject we need information on in any search engine and within seconds a complete list of results will displayed on our screen. When we want to know when our favorite book or album was released, all we have to do is enter its title in the search-box and seconds later you will get all the necessary information.


So when it seems that everything important is already available on the worldwide web, do we really need anything else? Until recently, I thought, no I was almost convinced, that the answer was “no”. However, my opinion changed drastically quite when I received the book ‘Elvis Day By Day 2022 - The Year In Review’ by Kees Mouwen. He is the author of the blog Elvis Day By Day, which is appreciated by fans around the world. 


A beautiful, 400+ pages, richly illustrated reference, in which the author meticulously presents and discusses all the Elvis Presley publications that were released (probably) around the world last year. Everything that is important to me as a fan and collector has been collected in one place. All the discs - official and bootleg - as well as books, DVDs, Blu-ray discs and more, are presented in chronological order. 


The author provided solid commentary or in-depth reviews for some of these releases, so that I - and every other reader of this book - knows which release is worth getting and which ones to avoid. 


And although what I wrote above should be reason enough to add this book to your Elvis library, it is also worth mentioning that the author also included interesting interviews, including my favorite one with Alanna Nash, and reviews and articles on Baz Luhrmann's ‘ELVIS’ movie. So we get absolutely everything here, the complete year 2022 in a nutshell (everything Elvis Presley, that is).


In addition, the book has been beautifully designed, is illustrated with many color photographs and has been published on good quality paper. This makes reading ‘Elvis Day By Day 2022 - The Year In Review’ a real pleasure, especially when listening to Elvis' music at the same time, like the new box ‘Elvis On Tour’ set.


And there is something else that makes this book absolutely unique and for me personally the reason why it has a place of honor in my collection. Namely, the fact that Kees also included a review of my book ‘Elvis All the King's Records 1966 - 1977’ and the interview we did in 2022. Thank you very much for that!


You will understand that I highly recommend getting ‘Elvis Day By Day 2022 - The Year In Review’.


Mariusz Ogieglo, February 2022.


Thank you Mariusz, I appreciate the kind words, and you are right, when you read the book you get the concept. 

The book is available through the >>> 'Elvis Day By Day 2022' page