Thursday, February 23, 2023

Review Elvis Still The Hero of the Comic Book

In 1971 Elvis was awarded the Jaycees Award, and in his speech he stated: “When I was a kid, I read comic books and I was the hero of the comic book. I saw movies and I was the hero of the movie. So every dream that I ever dreamed has come true a hundred times”. 

Dutch illustrator Gerrit de Jager drew inspiration from these words and his musical hero and put that onto paper in his second Elvis Presley comic and coloring book, ‘Elvis Still The Hero of the Comic Book’. Let's have a look at the illustrations he created and if Elvis' dreams have come true.




The book comes as a 28-page black and white comic book with a glossy cover. In his drawings de Jong combines various single elements which, put together on one page, form a complete picture. His style is a matter of taste, but I like the way de Jong blended the old events with a modern design. 


The book is also a coloring book, but I think most readers will leave it as-is. The colored back-side shows that the illustrations come more alive when colored, but that’s a choice each reader has to make for himself. 




On the 28 pages de Jong created are visual illustration from events or aspects from Elvis life, interpreted by the author. Besides the drawings, the author uses quotes or short texts to complete the picture. 


Some designs are serious and depict the event as we know them, like ‘Elvis In Hollywood’, Crying In The Chapel’ or the ’68 TV Special. Some depict Elvis ambition, as the ‘Charro’ illustration with a quote from Elvis that he wants to play serious roles. A little easter egg I really likes was my ‘Day By Day” yearbook showing-up with Elvis reading it, thanks Gerrit! 

But the best ones were when Gerrit shows his humorist side having fun with The Colonel advertising a “Truth Elixir” or Elvis holding the old man as a puppet on a string. It looks like this will remain a dream for our hero of the comic book. The tributes to the late Ger Rijff and Lisa Marie Presley, who passed away just recently, close the book. These are nice and touching tributes. 




A fun release from Holland, the birth-ground of The Colonel. The comic book shows that the author knows his Elvis and he really likes his main character. This second book is his tribute to that man. It is recognizable for the fan, and the touch of humor brought a smile to my face. 

This Limited Edition read and coloring book is available from the author through his >>> Facebook page