Tuesday, February 07, 2023

Review Elvis Day By Day 2022 - 4

Gerrit de Jong reviewed the 2022 edition of 'Elvis Day By Day - The Year in Review'. Here is his straight rocking bopping hopping review:

How can one not enjoy the design of the new 2022 ‘Day By Day’ book from Kees Mouwen?  With ‘Elvis On Tour’ celebrating its 50 anniversary in 2022, this book pays tribute to the event by using the overall poster design.


‘Day By Day 2022’ covers all the events and news of 2022, including reviews of the years releases. I'm extremely jealous of the artwork department of this book as it's a treat for the eyes. In my opinion it is the best of the series so far and because 2022 was a busy Elvis year the amount of pages has increased also... It has become a book that you will pick up time after time.


Am I truly immodest to say how glad I am to provide a very small part in this book? I am a 100% proud of it that in contrast to some other projects I worked on last year and I want to thank Kees for allowing me to do this.


The book is over 400 pages and it includes also interviews with Alanna Nash among others which I extremely enjoyed. It's also nice that, while reading the reviews, you find yourself agreeing or not agreeing and realizing that it's always about taste. And in my taste, this book is absolutely positive.


The 2022 Day By Day book is available in soft and hardcover and it's a recommended read which proves that Elvis is still a force to be reckoned with, and as long as guys like Kees Mouwen continue their work Elvis will be on everyone's lips every day. 


For more on Kees Mouwen also check out his Day By Day blog and order your copy on Popular TunesYou have Gerrit’s straight rocking bopping hopping fun loving guarantee you won't regret it!

What can I say Gerrit, other than "Thank you "big bopper from Fryslan"!"