Saturday, October 01, 2022

October 01 - Prayers Requested

Elvis' former guitar player James Burton posted sad news on his Facebook page. He asked his followers to pray for his recovery as he was diagnosed with kidney cancer. Get well soon James!

James Burton posted: Prayers Requested

🙏✝️ I have been diagnosed with kidney cancer and I am scheduled for an operation Monday Oct. 3rd at Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville. Even though I have a great team of Doctors, I know GOD is in control. I would personally appreciate your prayers for a total healing 🙏✝️. Please share this request with all your friends 😇 Thank You with Love ❤️ God Bless You, James

Elvis Presley Australian Long Play Album Covers

Australian Elvis expert, collector and fan Bob Hayden has released his 5-volume book set 'Elvis Presley Australian Long Play Album Covers'.

Publicity stated: Following on from his 'Elvis Presley Australian Long Play Record Labels in Catalogue Order' set of books, Australian Elvis researcher, Bob Hayden, has published his latest set of “five” books titled 'Elvis Presley Australian Long Play Album Covers'. The books are targeted at collectors and those other fans wanting to see the wide variety of Elvis LP releases in Australia. 

The listing in Elvis in Print stated: The Definitive Reference and Price Guide, states: These five volumes (which have attractive, colorful covers) are a narrative and pictorial record of Elvis “vinyl” albums released in Australia. Both the front and back covers (with track listing) of each album, including variations, are shown, and the author provides the necessary information for collectors to identify different pressings/issues. 

Book 1 features a consolidated listing of all 211 albums chronicled in the five books - comprising RCA (Victor), Camden, Hammard, Image, J&B, KTel, Rainbow, Readers Digest, Starcall, Summit, and Time Life releases - as well as sections showing the various front cover box logos, back cover logos, and back cover writing on bottom of covers. There are also several items of archival material such as the ultra-rare RCA Records “Wills & Co. Pty Ltd” paper sleeve and an AWA Program Services sticker. 

Book 5 features the non-primary label RCA and other label releases. The track listings can be difficult to read on some of the back cover images. All volumes are staple-bound and they feature an attractive flexi-cover and internally, high quality gloss paper stock which allows the images to shine. The A4-sized books vary in page size between 52 and 72 pages (totaling 324 pages for the set). They have been published earlier than expected, and show “2023” on the cover.

On Tour Box-set Delayed?

Various Amazon websites (in Europe) pushed back release date for the 'Elvis On Tour' box-set to January 20, 2023. 

Amazon U.S. is somewhat confusing as it too now lists the release date as January 20, 2023, but also states in its listing that the set will be released on December 2, 2022.

No official updates from Sony Legacy until now.

(Source: James Burton on Facebook / Amazon / Elvis Information Network)