Tuesday, October 18, 2022

October 18 - Movie Soundtrack Vinyl and Video

The French Big Beat Records announced the November 18, 2022 re-release of the Limited Edition box sets '1956-1957 In Hollywood Volume 1' and '1957-1958 In Hollywood Volume 2'. 

Publicity stated: Two sets with the "Complete Alternative Album Collection" for the albums 'Jailhouse Rock', 'King Creole' and 'Love Me Tender' and 'Loving You. The boxes contain two 10-inch LPs, a black vinyl LP and a picture discs, both housed in a gate-fold cover,  2 CDs, and two posters. 

Jailhouse Rock side A:  Jailhouse Rock - Jailhouse Rock (Movie Version) - I Want To Be Free - Don't Leave Me Now (Movie Version Recording Studio V1) - Don't Leave Me Now (Movie Version Recording Studio V2) - Treat Me Nice (Alternative Movie Master) - Young And Beautiful (End Title Version) - Young And Beautiful (Movie Jail Version).

Side B: Baby I Don't Care (Movie Edit) - Young Ant Beautiful (Florida Club Version) - Jailhouse Rock (Alternate Movie Master) - Don't Leave Me Now (Alternate Movie Master) - Treat Me Nice (Movie Version) - Baby I Don't Care (Alternate Movie Master) - Jailhouse Rock (Movie Trailer).

King Creole side A: King Creole (Take 13 - Revisited Version) - Crawfish (Take 7 - Unedited Master) - Hard Headed Woman (Take 10 - Master) - As Long As I Have You (Take 4 - Short Version) - As Long As I Have You (Take 8 - Long Version) - Trouble (Take 5 - Master) - Don't Ask Me Why (Take 12 - Master) - Dirty, Dirty Feeling - Steadfast, Loyal And True (Movie Version) - Steadfast, Loyal And True (Undubbed Record Master).

Side B: King Creole (Take 3 - First Version) - Danny (Unedited) - Dixieland Rock (Take 4 - Master) - Lover Doll (Take 7 - Unedited, Undubbed Master Movie Version) - New Orleans (Take 5 - Master) - Young Dreams (Take 8 - Master) - King Creole (Take 18 - First Version).

Love Me Tender side A:  Love Me Tender (Stereo Masters) - Let Me (Stereo Masters) - Poor Boy (Stereo Masters) - We're Gonna Move (Stereo Masters) - We're Gonna Move (Take 4) - We're Gonna Move (Take 9) - Love Me Tender (Movie End Title Version).

Side B: Love Me Tender - Let Me - Poo Boy - We're Gonna Move - Let Me (Original Mono Soundtrack) - Poor Boy (Original Movie Soundtrack).

Loving You side A: Mean Woman Blues (Movie Version) - Loving You (Main Movie Version) - Party (Alternative Movie Version) - Teddy Bear - Blueberry Hill - Got A Lot Livin' To Do (Alternate Movie Master) - True Love - Hot Dog.

Side B: Lovin' You (Studio Version) - Party (The Jordanaires Backing Vocal Version) - Lonesome Cowboy - Have I Told You That I Love You? - I Need You So - Got a Lot Livin' To Do (Final Movie Version) - Lovin' You (Final Movie Version).

Behind The Track

EPE / Sony uploaded a new promo video for the 'On Tour' box-set titled 'Behind the Track: Always On My Mind' (Elvis On Tour Interviews), featuring Ernst Jørgensen and Matt Ross-Spang talking about this great song. 

Note: It's interesting that the song is dated incorrectly as 1973 ...

Birthday Celebrations

EPE announced the Elvis 2023 Birthday Celebration details. 

EPE posted: Join us in Memphis on January 5-8 as we celebrate Elvis' birthday with concerts, movies, conversations and much more! 

This year's festivities include our annual Elvis Birthday Proclamation Ceremony, The Memphis Symphony Orchestra's annual Elvis Pops Concert with Terry Mike Jeffrey, Conversations on Elvis, plus an extraordinary Elvis screen show to mark the 50th anniversary of Aloha from Hawaii!

More details at the >>> Graceland website

(Source: Amazon Spain, Elvis Club Berlin / FNAC / Big Beat Records / EPE)