Sunday, October 30, 2022

October 30 - The King of Rock and Roll

Forbes listed "The Highest-Paid Dead Celebrities Of 2022". Classic literature and Rock and Roll, with the support of an energy drink, dominate this year of celebs making bank in the afterlife. 

Without even leaving his secret hideaway Elvis did allright! The magazine noted: "Elvis Presley may have left the building, permanently, but the King of Rock N’ Roll is still an economic powerhouse. Forty-five years after his death, Elvis’ estate generated US$110 million in income. The lion’s share was made from box office and merchandise sales at Graceland, Presley’s Memphis home - just $5 million of that came from rights for Elvis, the Baz Luhrmann-directed biopic." 

The Top 5:

#1 J.R.R. Tolkien (US$500 Million)
#2 Kobe Bryant (US$400 Million)
#3 David Bowie (US$250 Million)
#4 Elvis Presley (US$110 Million)
#5 James Brown (US$100 Million)

The magazine added: "The King benefited handsomely from Covid cooped-up tourists ready to treat themselves to a vacation at his Graceland mansion and resort. At least US$80 million of Presley’s earnings came from tour tickets, shows, and merch, according to sources close to the estate. The estate didn’t make a ton directly off the smash Elvis biopic, but the hit film is expected to lift Presley’s earnings for at least the next 18 months as fans, new and old, look to own their own piece of the King. Even sales of Disney’s Stitch plush animals dressed in Elvis jumpsuits are up from last year."

The King of Rock and Roll

Jeremiah Hamilton published his 47-page booklet 'The King of Rock and Roll'. Summarized as "a fascinating account of the life and astonishing career of Elvis Presley".

Note: this book is probably a quick grab of Elvis info, taken from on-line sources.

(Source: Forbes / Amazon)