Saturday, October 15, 2022

October 15 - Elvis In Technicolor

The French FNAC released the exclusive collectors edition box-set 'Elvis In Technicolor - 45éme Anniversaire Édition'. The set is limited to 1,500 copies. 

Publicity stated: This exceptional box, produced exclusively for the 45th anniversary by FNAC, contains the French versions of the Warner Bros. movies 'Le Rock du Bagne', 'Blondes, Brunes et Rousses', 'L'amour en Quatrième Vitesse', 'C'est la Fête au Harem, 'Le Tombeur de Ces Demoiselles', 'Croisière Surprise', 'À Plein Tube' and 'Filles et Show Business'.

The box also contains the 168-page book 'Elvis Technicolor in Black & White' by Jean-Marie Pouzenc's which includes a complete overview of Elvis' movies including technical sheets, descriptions, French and Belgian posters, over 200 photographs and and LP with the 8 out-takes 'We're Gonna Move' (take 9), 'Loving You' (take KX 19), 'Treat Me Nice' (take 8)', 'Jailhouse Rock' (take 4), 'Shoppin' Around' (version 1, take 1), 'Flaming Star' (take 5), 'What A Wonderful Life' (take 1) and 'King Of The Whole Wide World' (take 3).

Completing the box are a poster for baz Luhrmann's 'Elvis' biopic and an exclusive numbered lithograph, made by Mezzo, taken from the book 'Elvis, Une Déviance Américain' by Bertrand Dicale.