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October 13 - Covers Blowin' In The Wind

The Reel Trax import label announced the October 2022 release of the CD 'Blowin’ In The Wind'.

Publicity stated: Reel-Trax proudly presents: ‘Blowin´ In The Wind’ – twenty-one really great tracks that will blow you away! Remasters, remixes, new edits plus a selection of original recordings that will offer you a totally new listening experience.

‘Blowin' In The Wind’ offers you songs like the home recording of ‘Fools Rush In’ that now almost sounds like a crystal clear studio recording. Also revealed on this album for the first time is that what is noted on the ‘From Elvis In Nashville’ Boxset as a jam version of ‘Mystery Train’, could actually very well be a slower version of ‘See See Rider’. The next to last song is the unique live recording of ‘Where No One Stands Alone’. This version now comes with new overdubs in a similar vein as ‘Unchained Melody’. This and much more is to be discovered on this great new album on the Reel-Trax label. An entirely new listening experience.

Let´s go deeper into some essential tracks of the CD: 'Fools Rush In': This record gets kicked off with the Frank Sinatra inspired arrangement of ''Fools Rush In'', Nelson Riddle and his Orchestra accompanied Sinatra on his 1960 recording. Elvis is singing to the 1959 album 'Sing A Song With Riddle' and does the same for 'It's A Sin To Tell A Lie'. Both versions are unique and one can only imagine what it would have sounded like if Elvis had done these in a studio with these arrangements. 

Similarly, Elvis also sings with a different record featuring instrumentals this time - ''Sing A Song With The Kingston Trio''. However, this does not actually feature the group but is rather a tribute to the group's music and has instrumental recreations of their hits. Elvis and his group of friends decided to sing to ''500 Miles'' and ''Blowin´ In The Wind'', these songs are now newly mixed for optimum sound quality, blending the home recording with the actual recording from the record. 

''Beyond The Reef'' is the overdubbed master and conveys the same feeling as the other songs on this CD. It is the rejected single master. While the song ''Almost'' was a studio recording, Elvis' lonesome and weary vocal combined with touching piano playing makes for a fine addition to the classical feel of this record. 

''What Now My Love'' can almost be considered a totally different song, with none of the later bombastic arrangement. We have Elvis and his group singing along to some fun piano playing in a more uptempo beat as opposed to the dramatic version that would later be one of the highlights on his ''Aloha From Hawaii'' record, while ''Suppose'' was a test recording for an Elvis session. It was later decided to use the home recording vocal for the eventual master which was overdubbed. Here we have a undubbed version. 

''Tennessee Waltz'' is a re-created version, which has been overdubbed and re-edited. The reason for this is because the whole song gets spoiled by Elvis laughing and joking and we tried to make a much more serious version here – listen to the result! 

''See See Rider'' is another imagining of what could have been. When released in 2020 on ''From Elvis In Nashville'', it was wrongly listed as ''Mystery Train''. If you pay attention and listen closely, you can obviously hear it's ''See See Rider'' and the proof is right here, as a Live Vocal was mixed onto the instrumental. This is the closest to a 1970 studio version you will find. ''Don't Cry Daddy'' and ''In The Ghetto'' are both special overdubbed versions showing more of the beauty of Elvis his vocal. TRACKLIST: See our beautiful back cover with 21 Tracks!

Tracks: Fool's Rush In (incl. "Needle Drop" - Elvis Singing With A "Nelson Riddle"-Record) - It's A Sin To Tell A Lie (Elvis Singing With A "Nelson Riddle"-Record) - 500 Miles (New Version) - Beyond The Reef (Overdubbed Version With Rejected Single Master) - Almost (Take 3) - Blowing In The Wind (Clean Master With Small Edits) - What Now My Love ("24 Bit Stereo" - Home Recording) - Suppose (Home Recording) - Tennessee Waltz (Remixed Edit) - See See Rider (Nashville 1970 Mashup 24 Bit With Added Piano) - I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You) (Home Recording) - Don't Cry Daddy (2019 Remix Overdub) - In The Ghetto (Remix - 2022) - If I Loved You (Home Recording) - Love Song Of The Year (Overdub By Voice) - Tumbling´ Tumbleweeds (Home Recording, Remastered) - We Call On Him (1967 Mix) - After Loving You (Remix - Home Recording) - Mary In The Morning (07.08.1970 - Rehearsal Overdub) - Where No One Stands Alone (Live Remix) - Elvis Introduction - You’ll Never Walk Alone (Extended Master 09-11-67).

You can listen to the preview on >>> Soundcloud.

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Elvis On Tour

Looking at Amazon it looks like Sony Legacy Recordings changed the cover for the upcoming 'Elvis On Tour' set, the content remained the same. Another option is that they used the picture from the booklet or a different artwork for a ohysical and digital release. The release date appears to be pushed back to January 20, 2023. 

Description: 'Elvis On Tour' is a 6 CD + 1 Blu-ray box set comprised of the audio from four of the shows (and two rehearsal)s that were part of Elvis’ 1972 North American tour. 

Originally recorded for the 'Elvis On Tour' concert film that was released later that year, the set features a total of 145 tracks, including 91 tracks that have been previously unreleased, as well as the award-winning concert film on Blu-ray.


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