Monday, October 03, 2022

October 03 - Elvis On Tour - From Sea to Shining Sea

Kieran Davis announced a '50th Anniversary' edition of his 'Elvis On Tour November 1971' book. 

Publicity stated: The '50th Anniversary' edition of his 'Elvis On Tour November 1971' is expected around the middle of November. As with our expanded edition of 'Live At The International,' much new information and images have been added taking the page count from 150 to 368. As always there is comprehensive text to present the tour in its greatest detail, plus archival documents and memorabilia, colour and black and white photographs, and fan stories.

There is some additional good news in that we are able to price this book lower than 'Live At The International'. This is partly because of the lower page count, but with the cost of everything going up we decided being able to reduce the price so that more fans can afford our books was the way to go. To do this, however, it means we are no longer going to wholesale our books. As 80 percent of our books are sold direct to customers it was decided reducing the price overall was more important than being able to offer both retail and wholesale. Additionally customs and duty problems with cases of books has become far too common and we have decided to avoid the issue completely. Our apologies to anyone who this might inconvenience.

Buyer Beware

Luis Stive published the 45-page paperback photo book “Elvis Presley: Collection of Photo’of Elvis Presley” featuring "high quality photos" of our man, and a "perfect gift for fans, family, relatives, friends of all ages" according to the publicity blob. It comes with two different covers, but the content is exactly the same, photos sourced from the internet.

A simple note: buyer beware!

From Sea To Shining Preview

The Millbranch Music import record label published a promo preview for their upcoming 3 CD / DVD package ‘From Sea to Shining Sea’. 

Besides concerts from June 3, 1976 and July 3, 1976 (both Fort Worth, TX) and November 30, 1976 (Anaheim, CA) the set contains a DVD detailing the story of the ‘Elvis On Tour’ during the bicentennial year on stage and on the road. A concert journey ‘From Sea to Shining Sea’ between his two historic New Year’s Eve performances in 1976.

(Source: Kieran Davis / Pascal Matteo)