Wednesday, October 12, 2022

October 12 - From Sea to Sold Out Sea

The Millbranch Music import 3 CD / DVD package ‘From Sea to Shining Sea’ has been released. 

Publicity stated: after receiving raving reviews for our 2021 mega-release “Kansas City ´74 Revisited”. And we nail it again with a great concept of “Music & Video” in one set! We have worked for months to make sure that our latest product corresponds to the high standard we set ourselves. 

The result is that we are now able to present a new 3-Disc (+ 1) Digipack release for every serious “Elvis live in the 70´s” – collector! If you liked our last years release, you will like this new one, too! 

Introducing our latest “Soundboard” release on the “MBM” label here are three complete shows by Elvis and his exciting group of musicians from 1976 on audio cd. That alone would give a nice listen but hey, there is one more disc in this set and that is for sure the cream of the crop: 134 Minutes of rare and in big parts unreleased (!) film footage in never before seen stunning quality of Elvis´ concert journey “from sea to shining sea” between two historic New Years Eve performances in 1976. Which means in detail, that we are telling the story of the “Elvis On Tour” bicentennial year on stage and even while travelling!

Taken from the very best available sources (including a lot of footage taken from original film-reels) you´ll see highlights from his concerts in Pontiac, MI – Johnson City, TN (featuring the very first live version of “Hurt”) – Charlotte, NC – Largo, MD - Hartford, CT – Chicago, IL – Birmingham, AL - Atlanta, GA and Pittsburgh, PA, with very special and lengthy features of his concerts in Fort Worth, TX (June 3), Philadelphia, PA (June 28) and Anaheim, CA (November 30). 

Over the last years we did invest in a lot of original film-reels. Early this year we had the opportunity to invest in one of Elvis´ Fort Worth performance 

(June 3, 1976) – and so we did. The 30 minutes of pleasantly steady and pretty close to the stage filmed footage has been for sure worth every dollar we have spent on it. The film-reel has then been scanned in 4K Ultra HD resolution, just to make sure that we can extract as much detail as possible from the analogue film. The outcome of the scan has then been carefully processed to retrieve the best possible result from the originally a bit overexposed film. If you compare the starting material and the end result after processing with the best available technology you would not believe how much of information still is there in the original film which of course had to be worked on carefully (and time-consuming) to finally enjoy it as not even the guy who filmed it back then could. So you can expect something special from this – and also this is the main reason why we chose to put Elvis´ two 1976-Concert dates in Fort Worth as the main part of the audio on two of the cd´s. And there is a third cd that is presented in its own sleeve outside of the digi-pack – a so-called “Bonus CD”: Anaheim, CA from November 30, 1976 has been chosen as this concert has its own special feature on the DVD included.

Talking about audio: We have decided already last year with our first “Soundboard” release, that we are using today´s technical possibilities to get out the very best of those treasured “old” tapes. So, again we have used all of our experience and knowledge plus professional equipment to make sure the audio sounds more balanced and clearer than ever before. Needless to say that speed issues are a thing of the past. While processing this, it even turned out to become Stereo! Give it a listen and you will hear what we mean – you will enjoy it! 

Sold Out Again!

Volume 17 in 'Sold Out! The Ultimate 8mm Collection' has been released by the Pyramid import label. 

From the publicity: Now that you’ve seen the Luhrmann movie, it’s time to see the real Elvis again! And you get plenty of that on “Sold Out volume 17”. Once again we’ve amassed three hours of rare 8mm footage from concerts ranging from 1970 to ’76, and again there are plenty of surprises, even for hardcore fans. 
We know that the July ’75 shows are a big favorite, and we have found a 25-minutes from one of the shows early on in that tour. His voice was unbelievable, and the energy levels at these shows were amazing. It’s always cool to see him joke with the band, like Voice (“I call them a lot of things!”), and his interaction with the female members of the audience shows us again why he is still remembered so fondly. High energy versions of songs like ‘Big Boss Man’ and ‘Burning Love’ are some of the highlights.

There’s also three films from the December ’76 tour, and once again he was brimming with energy. The Atlanta footage especially is great to see. You really get the feel of a great Elvis Presley show. The audience goes apeshit! Elvis even includes rarities like ‘Such A Night’ and ‘Reconsider Baby’, as well as a spirited ‘That’s All Right Mama’, the latter two while accompanying himself on the acoustic. His stance and attitude during the last song especially captures the very essence of rock & roll… He’s cooler than a fridge here! At the other end of the spectrum, there’s a lackluster Vegas ’75 performance where he’s clearly not into it.  But that too is part of the history, and even in those situations he could still surprise people with a masterful performance of a song like ‘My Boy’.

There’s also two interesting pre-show clips, which show the band tuning their instruments, Al Dvorin testing his microphone, Charlie Hodge center stage and more. This is a lot of fun to see, and it really gives you the feeling of being there, moments before the concert. You can almost sense the excitement that people felt at the time. Elvis’ girlfriend Linda Thompson is also visible in the footage.

From 1973, there’s neat footage of him performing in the Aloha outfit. It’s interesting to note that he is far more dynamic that during the Aloha show. By this time, he had developed a routine for ‘Steamroller Blues’, which brought forth a lot of screams from the ladies in the audience! ‘American Trilogy’ is performed with lots of passion by Elvis, and at one point he is actually marching to the beat. Goosebumps! There’s much more to enjoy on the new “Sold Out”, way too much to list all of it here. 

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